ID TECH Releases the VP7200 Intelligent Contactless Payment Reader

ID TECH VP7200 Product Launch

ID TECH is proud to announce the launch of the VP7200 intelligent contactless payment reader, the third product release of the NEO 3 Platform of Products. 

The ID TECH VP7200 is an advanced NFC payment reader that is powerful enough to run payment applications and drive an external LCD display, all from an extremely compact form factor. PCI PTS 6.X and EMV certified for the latest payment security standards, the extremely versatile VP7200 supports tap-to-pay with NFC-enabled debit cards, credit cards, and mobile wallets including Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as numerous closed-loop systems such as FeliCa and MIFARE. In addition to taking payments, the VP7200 supports mobile loyalty programs such as Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap. To supplement its NFC-reading capabilities, the VP7200 also features a built-in camera to enable reading barcodes and QR codes. Built for outdoor unattended applications, the VP7200 features a wide operating temperature and can withstand rain, snow, and dust with its IP65-rated enclosure. With multiple connectivity options including USB-C, ethernet, RS232, and cellular communication, the VP7200 can be utilized for any unattended payment application, such as transit ticket validators, parking meters, and EV charging stations.

“We are extremely excited to release the next evolution of ID TECH products,” said Wayne Kozuki, Senior Product Manager at ID TECH. “The VP7200 is so much more than a typical contactless reader. Not only does it satisfy industry-standard requirements, but it surpasses expectations with its unique features. With its ability to run applications and drive an external LCD screen, the VP7200 is a truly revolutionary payment terminal in an extraordinarily compact design.” 

The NEO 3 Platform of Products is ID TECH’s next generation of payment solutions, featuring sleek and powerful products designed to serve multiple payment environments, including unattended, retail, restaurants, vending, parking, mobile, and more. The NEO 3 Platform of Products offers industry-leading technologies and features across a consistently high-performing platform of multiple state-of-the-art payment solutions. Featuring ID TECH’s L2 common kernel, businesses that certify one product on the NEO 3 Platform of Products can adopt all NEO 3 products without having to recertify the others, effectively eliminating the extensive time and costs associated with multiple certifications for different products.   

ID TECH’s NEO 3 Platform of Products includes the previously released Kiosk V unattended contactless reader and the VP3350 all-in-one mobile payment reader, as well as the upcoming AP6800 Android-based unattended payment terminal, the VP6825 unattended all-in-one payment terminal, and the VP8810 countertop payment terminal. 

Please visit the ID TECH VP7200 Product Page to learn more about this intelligent contactless payment reader and the entire NEO 3 Platform of Products

About ID TECH 

ID TECH is a world-recognized leader in the design and manufacture of secure payment solutions, ranging from state-of-the-art contactless/NFC payment devices to EMV and Magstripe readers. For more than 30 years, ID TECH has built a reputation based on technical excellence, innovation, and a commitment to superior customer service. Headquartered in Cypress, California, USA (with additional engineering centers in Rocklin, California; Shanghai, China; and Taoyuan City, Taiwan), ID TECH is an industry leader in delivering payment solutions around the globe. 

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