ICT International Announces Availability of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test to the UK and Europe

A new test with instant, reliable results offers hope for the economy. Responding to a growing need for an accurate alternative to the expensive and slow PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, ICT now offers a rapid point-of-care test for SARS COV-2.

ICT International, a world-leading manufacturer of medical testing devices, is bringing Rapid Antigen Testing to market, a game-changer for the global pandemic. The availability of a test detecting intact virus particles is essential. Mass testing is key to reopening the economy while COVID-19 still circulates.

Mike Mulroy, ICT Vice President, commented, "There are three great strides we have to take against coronavirus: Accurate testing (achieved with PCR), faster results with reduced costs whilst maintaining required accuracy levels (which this test provides), and a vaccine."

Clinical trials show a relative sensitivity of 97.3%, equivalent to PCR tests used by authorities around the world. For comparison, LabGun COVID-19 RT-PCR Kit reports a 96.38% relative sensitivity.

This test does not need expensive laboratories or equipment. Mass testing could be conducted at clinics or pharmacies, safely allowing people to get back to work and unlocking borders for travellers. In London, over half a million people work in hospitality, an industry to benefit from this test. One of the largest UK theatre operators stated it will not open until full houses are permitted: a devastating blow for the £111 billion arts industry.

Mulroy said, "This is how you return to normal. Fans can watch rugby in the stadium or go to a Grand Prix. Queue safely with common sense before entering, segmenting positive testers. Aviation and tourism employ over 3.8 million people, worth over £257 billion to the UK economy. If passengers are tested before entering terminals, the 14-day quarantine can be waived. Travel restrictions could be lifted as only those who test negative would be allowed in. The job losses, insecurity, and rising cost of benefits is why this test is vital. It is time to restart, and ICT's testing can let you."

William Miller, ICT President, explained, "This does not replace PCR testing, which has a different methodology, but instead augments it. It can be administered at airports or hospitals where speed matters. Up to four times the amount of tests can be administered with our product compared to a costly PCR test. It is simple to conduct, easy to read, highly accurate, and inexpensive."

ICT is obtaining CE registration, allowing legal distribution of tests in this market. ICT has also communicated to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Cabinet members, and Parliament. Tests will be used as a front-line screening providing instant answers. ICT has been producing accurate diagnostic testing for 30+ years, leading the way in various fast and affordable tests (such as HIV). Tests are developed and manufactured in an ISO-certified facility in South Africa and used in 56 countries.

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