ICSolutions Helps Correctional Facility Residents and Their Loved Ones Stay in Touch During Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every corner of society, correctional agencies face their own unique challenges in keeping their residents safe, informed and in touch. Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions), a telecommunications technology company serving correctional facilities, is doing its part to help families stay connected with their incarcerated loved ones by offering thousands of free telephone calls and remote video visitation sessions at facilities where in-person visits have been temporarily suspended.

“At ICS, it's our mission to help families and friends feel a little closer and a little more connected when they are not able to visit or be together,” explains Tim McAteer, president of ICS. “During these very trying times, we hope that offering these free services helps reduce anxiety and concern and that we all get through the coronavirus pandemic as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions), LLC offers integrated telecommunications products and technologies to more than 400 state, county and local correctional facilities nationwide. Its highly advanced hardware and software solutions help over 300,000 offenders stay connected with their loved ones while allowing facilities to maintain secure oversight of those communications.

Source: ICSolutions


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