Iconic Romance Model Fabio Featured in New Offering of Paintings From Sharon Spiak

The Dragon in the Jewel

​​​Fabio, the iconic romance model, is one subject of an exciting collection of hot, steamy historical romance illustrations, featured in an offering of Sharon Spiak's paintings. They are for sale at The Illustrated Gallery. https://www.illustratedgallery.com/2020/02/sharon-spiak-artwork

These paintings celebrate love, capturing the sensuality, beauty, and imagination of romance. This artistically superior collection is extraordinary in its rich tones, intricate detail, and mood-altering ambiance. Ms. Spiak was an early painter of Fabio, rendering culturally iconic images to American consciousness. These exceptionally vibrant paintings not only symbolize historical romance but personify the very ideal.

Ms. Spiak’s fine art was reproduced en mas as book covers for authors such as Heather Graham, Virginia Henley, Kat Martin, and Bertrice Small.

Her mentor, Pino Daeni, was a huge inspiration when she was his apprentice, and Ms. Spiak also created a commissioned mural for Scarlett Johansson.

Photoshop has replaced artists, rendering romance illustration a dying art, Ms. Spiak’​s meticulously preserved oil paintings on linen come with extraordinary provenance, including photoshoots, sketches, and bills of sale to publishers, for many projects. Her work represents every stage of production for illustration, since she often created costumes, and styled photoshoots.

Ms. Spiak has been a vital force in the romance novel community. Whether attending conventions, or promoting the genre on cruise ships with fans, writers, and models, Sharon’s fantastic personality shines. Today she continues to create and influence, through costuming and styling photo shoots.

We are thrilled to collaborate with The Illustrated Gallery. They have amassed a spectacular collection of original illustration paintings. We are proud to be featured along with works by Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish and other legends. Perusing this site is like visiting a fine museum. https://www.illustratedgallery.com/2020/02/sharon-spiak-artwork

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an integral representation of pop culture, created by an influential artist. Historical romance illustration has become particularly precious in the digital age, because it is rare and limited. Iconic period pieces such as these will never be created again, assuring their increasing value.

If you are interested in owning one of these magnificent pieces, feel free to call Jordan Berman at (215) 740-0205, or email Holly Berman directly at holly@illustratedgallery.com.

Source: Illustrated Gallery