Iconic Funds Receives Regulatory Approval for and Launches New Fund in Partnership With Coin Metrics

Iconic Funds Sicav, Plc., an affiliate of Iconic Funds GmbH (jointly branded as "Iconic Funds"), has launched a new Professional Investor Fund - named the Iconic CMBI10 Short-Term Momentum Index Fund ("Fund"). The Fund was recently granted a license by the Malta Financial Services Authority ("MFSA"). The new fund marks the beginning of a collaboration between Iconic Funds and Coin Metrics, a leading crypto asset data and analytics provider, as the Fund will seek to replicate one of Coin Metrics' most prominent indices. The Fund is only available to qualifying investors, as defined in the Fund Documents and applicable rules issued by the MFSA.

The Fund seeks to track the performance of the CMBI10 Short-Term Momentum Index, which includes the top 10 crypto assets by market capitalization. Additionally, the Fund strives to optimize passive returns by depositing coins into staking and interest-bearing accounts with reputable counterparties.

Coin Metrics' 10 Short-Term Momentum Index aims to reflect the performance of the momentum factor for the Parent Index, the CMBI10 Index. Constituents for momentum indexes are selected based on eligibility criteria and their 10-year expected future market capitalization, as defined in the index methodology. The weight of each crypto asset within the index is dynamic and based on the momentum scores of the asset during the momentum observation period.

Iconic Funds and Cryptology Asset Group CEO Patrick Lowry said: "Iconic Funds is committed to providing investors innovative crypto investment strategies through regulated and familiar means. The launch of our newest fund, the Iconic CMBI10 Short-Term Momentum Index Fund, demonstrates our commitment to investors to deliver on this promise with new and exciting crypto investment strategies."

Coin Metrics CEO, Timothy Rice, said: "Through leveraging our unique and broad dataset, Coin Metrics strives to innovate and offer new index products which leverage traditional concepts and/or incorporate new crypto asset native concepts. Working with Iconic Funds, we are thrilled to be launching the Iconic CMBI 10 Short-Term Momentum Index Fund which aspires to capture the upside of an aggressive crypto asset growth index, whilst endeavouring to limit downside volatility."'

The launch of the Iconic CMBI10 Short-Term Momentum Index Fund marks the second EU-domiciled fund to be launched by the Iconic Funds group, following the Iconic BITA20 XA Index Fund in early 2020. Iconic Funds continues to explore ground-breaking crypto investment strategies with its partners to give investors multiple avenues to access the performance of crypto assets.

Product Name

Iconic CMBI10 Short-Term

Momentum Index Fund


Share Class A - MT7000030730

Share Class B - MT7000030748

Management Fee


Performance Fee

Share Class A - 5.00%

Share Class B - 10.00%

Base Currency


Product Structure

Professional Investor Fund




Iconic Funds Sicav, Plc.


Trident Fund Services (Malta) Limited


BDO Malta


Coinbase Custody International Ltd

Fund Launch Date

July 6, 2021

Important Notices:

Iconic Funds Sicav, Plc. and the Fund are licensed as a Professional Investor Fund available to qualifying investors by the MFSA in terms of the Investment Services Act (Chapter 370, Laws of Malta). The Fund is not available for investment by the general public. Qualifying investors are subject to a lower level of protection and regulatory oversight by the MFSA than retail clients.

This notice does not constitute, and may not be interpreted, as an offer to sell securities, nor is it an invitation, a recommendation, a solicitation, or an offer to buy securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is unlawful and prohibited. This notice does not constitute an offer of securities for sale in the United States and the securities referred to in this notice may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an exemption from registration. Furthermore, this notice is not intended for investors or any person in any jurisdiction where the distribution of this notice or the use thereof, in any way, may be contrary to the local law or regulation. It is the responsibility of each person to inform themselves of, and to observe and comply with, all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction.

The price performance of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and unpredictable, and past price performance is no guarantee of future price performance. Investment in the Fund is speculative and involves a high degree of risk and uncertainty. The value of your investment may go down as well as up. Investors may lose some or all of their investments in the Fund.

The approval of the Fund by the MFSA should not be construed as an endorsement of the securities offered. Potential investors should carefully consider the Fund Documents before making any investment decision to fully understand the potential risks and rewards of deciding to invest in the securities. Potential investors should also seek the appropriate advice from their financial, legal, regulatory, tax and other advisors to determine whether an investment in the Fund is suitable for them.

The Fund website is available at: https://funds.iconicholding.com/iconic-cmbi10-short-term-momentum-index-fund/.

The contents of this notice should not be construed as legal, tax, investment, or any other advice.

Furthermore, the MFSA has not reviewed or approved this notice.

About Iconic Funds GmbH:

Iconic Funds GmbH is the holding company of a series of subsidiaries that manage and issue crypto asset investment products. Collectively, Iconic Funds GmbH and its subsidiaries are branded as "Iconic Funds." One such subsidiary, Iconic Funds BTC ETN GmbH, is the issuer of a physically backed Bitcoin ETP trading on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE000A3GK2N1; Ticker: XBTI).  Iconic Funds is a joint venture between Iconic Holding GmbH and Cryptology Asset Group p.l.c. (ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: CAP, formerly 4UD). Iconic Holding is a portfolio company of FinLab AG (WKN 121806 / ISIN DE0001218063 / Ticker: A7A), leading German-VC group High-Tech Gründerfonds ("HTGF") and Cryptology Asset Group p.l.c. (ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: CAP, formerly 4UD), founded by Christian Angermayer and Mike Novogratz.

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