Iconic Aussie Chip Brand Red Rock Deli Unveils Music Collaboration Just in Time for International Potato Chip Day

Red Rock Deli Awakens Your Senses with a new track created with their signature ingredients

Pnau X Red Rock Deli

The renowned Australian chip brand, Red Rock Deli, famous for their complex and layered flavours, has announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration. The chip brand has partnered with L.A.-based, multi-platinum Australian artist Pnau. Celebrating the launch of the brand’s new platform ‘Awaken Your Senses’, the iconic pairing has collided for a trail-blazing track made entirely with Red Rock Deli ingredients. 

The sounds on the newly released anthemic track ‘All Your Energy’, have been recorded
and sampled from well-loved Red Rock Deli ingredients, including the sounds of a chilli “clap”, lime “synth” and black pepper crushed with a mortar and pestle “bass”. Marrying Pnau’s revered electronic tones with Red Rock Deli’s bold, complex and layered flavours is designed to excite the senses.

The ingredient’s disruptive soundscapes were tweaked and manipulated into musical elements and mixed together to create the track, the process of which has been captured and recorded as part of Red Rock Deli’s new campaign. 

Inspired by the trend for unusual sound sampling amongst producers, from squeaky doors and pedestrian crossing sounds, to fire alarms, Pnau has taken one step further, composing an entire track with unique sounds from Red Rock Deli’s indulgent ingredient combinations.

Pnau frontman Nick Littlemore spoke about making the track; "Working with Red Rock Deli on ‘All Your Energy’ has been an interesting space for us to play in. The fusion of music and food is something we haven’t done before, and it sets a new challenge for us. ‘All Your Energy’ is a quintessential Pnau track but with complex new layers for our fans to explore.” 

To create the track, each of the ingredients was experimented with to awaken their inherent or hidden musical qualities. The end result produced unexpected sounds you would not have thought possible from a snack, demonstrating the unique depth of flavour Red Rock Deli ingredients create.

For example, the track’s hi-hats were created by the crunch from a Red Rock Deli potato chip mixed with the sound of the electric starter of a gas stovetop. The gas-stovetop ‘ticking’ was pitched down 14 semitones and shortened to be snappier. The sound of the chip was then added on every offbeat, with additional sound techniques used to tighten the feel.

This unique collaboration marks a significant moment of collision between the worlds of food and music, creating multi-sensory experiences that can awaken the senses, by showing you how flavour sensations can enhance how you experience sounds and how tapping into all our senses can make life more rich, textured, and interesting. 

Red Rock Deli is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sensory exploration and continually develops a range of complex and layered flavours to excite the senses.

The track "All Your Energy" is available now on Spotify or Apple Music.

Source: Red Rock Deli

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