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ICON Caster Wheels, a company that makes and sells heavy duty casters as well as wheels for lighter duty, recently launched a new website. This site was specifically designed to be an updated “showroom” for customers to see more of their caster wheel products.

The company has been around for more than four decades. During that time, they have sold caster wheels in more than 20 countries. Their caster wheels are built for different, yet specific industries. Customers can find caster wheels for scaffolding, entertainment, automotive, leveling medical and the foodservice industries on their site, as well as a variety of offices.

The new site highlights how ICON Caster Wheels does not just sell caster wheels, but they also make them, too. The company does not offer other products, they exclusively sell caster wheels. ICON Caster Wheels has its own manufacturing facilities as well as methods.

“The launching of our site is the dawning of a new day for our company. From the very beginning, it’s been our goal for our customers to be as satisfied as possible with not only our casters but the caster process, too. So, with our new site, we’re able to offer a simpler and more user-friendly experience than ever before. Whether our customers are looking for existing casters or require custom ones, they’ll be able to find them at our site,” said Tim T. Kim, Operation Manager at ICON Caster Wheels. 

ICON Caster Wheels offers shopping caster wheels, low profile wheels and wheels for material handling in addition to many other fitment solutions.

For more information about caster wheels, custom caster wheels, or to make a press inquiry, contact ICON Caster Wheels at (888) 490-2969 or visit us at https://iconcasterwheels.com

Source: ICON Caster Wheels


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