ICME: New Launch of Montessori Teaching Certification

International Center for Montessori Education Inc. created and launched its new teaching certification program


International Center for Montessori Education (ICME) Inc. announced the launch of their new educational program and are now accepting applicants.

After spending time in the Montessori schools in Coppell, Texas, Kanwar Suri, owner and School Director of International Center for Montessori Education (ICME) Inc. noticed the lack of properly trained teachers who were ingrained with the Montessori Philosophy. 

... we reached the conclusion that ICME Inc. will be the kind of training center that will provide the opportunity to every trainee in its programs to learn the philosophy and methodology espoused by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Kanwar Suri, School Director

Suri got involved in Montessori Schools back in June 2014 with his wife who is a graduate in Child Psychology and worked as a Montessori Teacher. After noticing the lack of properly trained teachers, Suri and his spouse set out to start ICME Inc.

The main objective of the ICME Inc. training program is to offer an in-depth study of the Montessori method and philosophy. It also provides academic lecture demonstrations on the Montessori Materials and Curriculum and prepares students to apply the Montessori Method through the education program.

ICME Inc. has been granted approval from Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges (TWC). This approval allows Montessori Schools to provide Sponsorship Programs for students who have an interest in obtaining their certification.

Student Teachers at ICME Inc. are prepared to teach an above average Academic Curriculum along with an excellent understanding of the classroom management principles, thus allowing techniques to successfully integrate the Montessorian Philosophy in a classroom.

"... we reached the conclusion that ICME Inc. will be the kind of training center that will provide the opportunity to every trainee in its programs to learn the philosophy and methodology espoused by Dr. Maria Montessori," Suri Said.

The ICME Inc. training program emphasizes principles and the techniques needed to manage a Montessorian Class successfully with rationality as a standard. Through the certification completion, future teachers can go out and contribute to the development of each child they will be responsible for.

ICME Inc. is currently working on affiliations & accreditations with Internationally recognized agencies. 

Learn more about ICME INC. Montessori Teacher Training here.

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Source: International Center for Montessori Education Inc.