ICHIRAN's First Lucky Bag Event in America!

ICHIRAN Lucky Bags

ICHIRAN NY will have a limited number of New Year's special Lucky Bags available on its official online store available starting Friday, Jan. 1, 2021.

This is ICHIRAN’s first Lucky Bag event in the US and three versions are available. Each Lucky Bag will include a number of Take-Home Ramen Kits and one (1) limited edition ICHIRAN New York merchandise such as a cap, T-shirt, or tote bag. The branded items are exclusive to the Lucky Bags and are not available for retail.

These Lucky Bags are ICHIRAN's way of wishing everyone good fortune (luck) and health in 2021. Shoppers who choose the T-Shirt version can test their luck in getting their favorite design as only one (1) design will be included randomly from a selection of six (6) different designs. Shoppers can enjoy the excitement of discovering which T-shirt is in their chosen Lucky Bag. 

Lucky bags are a New Year tradition in Japan. It is believed to have started during the Edo period, and have become so popular that famous brands and retailers, as well as restaurants, have started offering these mystery grab bags to shoppers. Why don't you try your luck with one of ICHIRAN's Lucky Bags?

Lucky Bag Event Details

Date: Starts January 1, 2020

Where: ICHIRAN Online Store (shop.ichiranusa.com)

Product Details:

1.  ICHIRAN Lucky Bag C (Cap) : $203

Includes:     7 Take-Home Ramen Kits

1 ICHIRAN Limited Edition Cap (One Size)

2. ICHIRAN Lucky Bag T (T-Shirt) : $145

Includes:     5 Take-Home Ramen Kits

1 ICHIRAN Limited Edition T-Shirt*

*Available in size M, L, LL (XL), 3L (2XL).
One (1) will be randomly selected from 6 different designs.

3.  ICHIRAN Lucky Bag B (Tote Bag) : $87

Includes:    3 Take-Home Ramen Kits

1 Tote Bag (One Size)

Supplies are limited. Event will end when supplies have run out.

About ICHIRAN: ichiranusa.com

ICHIRAN is an authentic ramen restaurant specializing in tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen. The first ramen restaurant to offer ramen customization, it is also the first to create a unique dining experience with its Ramen Focus Booths – individual dining booths designed for a private and peaceful meal. ICHIRAN is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2020. It has been able to provide delicious tonkotsu ramen all over the world for the past 60 years thanks to the generous love and support of ramen fans. To express their gratitude, ICHIRAN will recommit to providing the highest quality ramen with the best customer service.


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