IceTeaGroup Releases Free Community Version of Enterprise Web Framework for ASP.NET Core

IceTeaGroup Releases Wisej 3 for .NET on Windows, Linux, and macOS

Wisej 3 Demo Browser

IceTeaGroup, a global consulting company for the development and migration of line-of-business (LOB) software, has released the third edition of their framework for building enterprise-level ASP.NET web applications. Wisej 3 includes a free community version for small businesses and independent developers and runs on .NET 6+ on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

IceTeaGroup provides a solid and proven alternative for Blazor Developers looking to build real-life complex enterprise-level web applications. Wisej's pixel-perfect designer helps developers build complex views and integrate features like drag-and-drop, customizable themes, complex layouts, modal workflows, and more. The framework includes a full control suite of 100+ controls, integrations for mobile development, and control sets for Syncfusion, DevExpress, Telerik, and more.

Download Wisej Community version here.

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