ICE Global Consulting, Inc and Ledger Run, Inc Form Strategic Partnership

ICE Global Consulting, Inc., the industry leader in global clinical contracting, site budgeting, and study start-up consulting services and Ledger Run, Inc., an innovative, technology-based company with an integrated suite of contracting, budgeting, and site payment solutions for clinical studies have entered into a strategic partnership. The partnership allows both organizations to supply complementary and combined services to sponsors and CROs by revolutionizing outdated processes to speed start-up and simplify payments.

Brooke Millman-Ice, ICE Global's CEO stated, "The strategy, expertise, and innovation of the combined offering within our focused organizations will challenge the misguided notion that these are commodity services." Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechs, and CROs are seeing the advantage to having experienced specialists deliver coordinated services between the negotiation of site contracts and budgets and the accuracy and transparency of the payments process.

"Ledger Run and ICE Global are focused on making it easier and faster to get sites activated and streamline payments," said Gary Lubin, CEO of Ledger Run. By leveraging ICE Global's deep expertise in contracting and budgetary support services, Ledger Run expands its mission of seamlessly integrating site budget and contract management processes with investigator payments - driving efficiencies, faster cycle times and better site-sponsor/CRO relationships.

Ledger Run's intelligent, cloud-based ClinRun platform will work in concert with ICE Global's experienced, lawyer-driven global team to create a service offering that is unique across the industry.

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About ICE Global Consulting, Inc.
ICE Global Consulting, Inc. is a clinical research consulting company focused on decreasing the site contract and budget negotiation timeline by streamlining the global negotiation process. Through its team of dedicated attorneys and experienced global negotiators, ICE Global delivers timely, and high-quality clinical contracts and budgets allowing its sponsor and CRO clients to safely turn their attention to other critical areas of study start-up.

About Ledger Run, Inc.
At Ledger Run, our mission is to make it easier for sites, sponsors, and CROs to engage more effectively. Our custom-designed clinical operations solutions optimize processes for streamlined, secure, and unsurpassed business collaboration. Our ClinRun platform is the industry's first solution that seamlessly integrates the site budget and contract management processes with the investigator payments and forecasting, paving the way for efficient CTA negotiation and payment execution.

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Ledger Run, Inc.

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