IBM Employees' Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Continue to Go Unanswered

As IBM's COVID-19 vaccine mandate continues, IBM employees are seeking replies to their unanswered questions.

IBM employees seeking answers

According to Against Federal Mandates, an action committee started by IBM employees who oppose IBM's vaccine mandate, on February 1st, IBM revoked badge access to all worksites and client sites for all unvaccinated employees and employees who did not submit their vaccine status. IBM also stated that it will allow those who work from home to continue to do so, at least temporarily. As IBM continues its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, US IBM employees opposed to the mandate still have unanswered questions.

On December 17th, IBMers sent a letter of inquiry to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of IBM, asking for clarification about the safety and efficiency of the vaccines being required for employment. Since then, a reply was received, but their questions continue to go unanswered. On January 3rd, IBMers filed an ethics complaint with the North Carolina Medical Board (where the CMO is licensed), stating that employees are entitled to answers in order to give proper informed consent under the Nuremberg Code, FDA regulations, and U.S. Title 21.

IBMers have also filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the CDC, GSA, and OMB for any emails between IBM's executive team and the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force. In addition, IBMers have filed a conflict of interest complaint with the SEC against IBM for the inclusion of Johnson & Johnson's CEO on the IBM Board of Directors when the vaccine mandate was instituted on October 7th.

These actions come on the heels of the Supreme Court's decision to overrule the OSHA mandate and as many companies, such as General Electric (GE), Starbucks, and Amtrak, suspend their mandates. It is unclear how many IBMers have been put on unpaid leave as a result of the mandate, and no official statement has been made about what will happen to in-person employees who have had their badge access revoked. Concerned IBMers are hoping that IBM will see this as an opportunity to lead the industry and drop its own mandate.

Press Contact: Justin Albano,

Source: Against Federal Mandates


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