Ibinex Says White Label Platforms Are the Perfect Solutions for Modern Enterprises


For all the institutions who want to have their own cryptocurrency exchange, white label platforms are the best solution, says the leading cryptocurrency solutions provider, Ibinex.

White label platforms are fully set up and can easily be customized as per the business need. The exchange provider manages every technical aspect; all an enterprise has to do is to list the tokens and assets to let their investors trade them. The benefit of having a white label platform is that the buyer can incorporate unique identity like their brand, logo design, and ideas in his exchange.

White label platform makes the work easier for an enterprise. It saves money and time which would otherwise be spent on individually setting up the platform. It also eliminates many intermediaries which reduce the expenses. The companies who buy white-label platforms can easily modify the design and features of their platform without having to deal with the technicalities.

The company's CEO Simon Grunfeld said, "White label platform is the one-stop solution for all the glitches that you face while starting your own cryptocurrency exchange. From KYC to onboarding, the exchange provider manages every technicality. The money and time that you save by buying a white label exchange can be utilized in the marketing and improvising the business quality. The unique branding of your exchange will make your business distinct from your competitors."

In simple words, the exchange provider itself develops the main components like UI, trade engines, admin panel, etc. The buyer just has to imprint his innovative ideas on his exchange.

Grunfeld, who is a registered CTA and has a good experience in financial markets, said that "The way cryptocurrency market is shaping now; there is a need for such a company which can provide the complete cryptocurrency solution. Our Company provides a web-based trading platform with the complete freedom to add the brand's personal touch to its buyers. We train with our clients and show them how the things work."

The new and innovative ideas of Ibinex have made it the perfect choice for its customers. The buyers no longer need to develop their currency exchange and individually source the cryptocurrency liquidity. This will eliminate a laborious, costly and very complicated procedure.

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