iBeesoft Announced the Official Release of iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder

iBeesoft duplicate file finder

​​​​​iBeesoft, a computer utility software provider has announced new release of Duplicate File Finder, enriching its product series.​​

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder was launched with the key features as:

  1. Target files with file types/formats and file size
  2. Select duplicate files automatically
  3. Delete duplicate files with 100 accuracy
  4. Keep photos/videos/songs well-organized
  5. Free up disk space and boost performance

The new releases of Duplicate File Finder for Android, iOS as well as macOS is on the way. It’s expected to be released within 1 month.

In the past 5 years, iBeesoft has devoted itself to improve data recovery software functionalities under Windows system and macOS, providing users a great experience of data recovery from Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, USB flash drives, cameras, and other external hard drives. It’s still not the end yet. iBeesoft officially admits it’s going to release a major update for iBeesoft Data Recovery, the very first product for the company. The update targets at boosting the features in serious corrupt files recovery and solving the opening issues for recovered videos, increasing the success rate of data recovery. 

Data loss is a disaster for users and it happens so frequently, like accidental deletion, formatting devices, hard drive failure, OS crash, virus or malware attack, hardware failure, system errors, partition deletion, etc. iBeesoft Data Recovery product line has helped thousands of people retrieve lost data. It officially has great ambitions to help more people prevent data loss in the next five years as a small but pragmatic goal. Currently, the data recovery product line comprises Data Recovery for Windows PC, Data Recovery for Mac, iPhone Data Recovery for Windows, and iPhone Data Recovery for Mac. 

To meet user’s requirements for more than data recovery, but data management, iBeesoft has announced two new product lines: Data Backup & Data Cleanup.

* For Data Backup, iBeesoft produced iBeesoft Dbackup, letting users back up operating system, folder/files, as well as clone drives with simple clicks, simplifying the whole process of backing important data from a computer. To avoid forgetting to do the backup, it even enables users to schedule the backup process automatically.

* For Data Cleanup, iBeesoft has launched File Eraser for Windows PC, iClear for Mac and Duplicate File Finder for PC. People want to recover data, and some need to destroy confidential files on the contrary, to protect privacy. iBeesoft makes it easy for people to have it done. As for the new release of Duplicate File Finder, it targets at helping people manage files efficiently, delete duplicates, free up storage space, and boost the computer performance.

About iBeesoft 

Established in 2015, iBeesoft has helped thousands of users over 120 countries and regions in the past 5 years. iBeesoft is dedicated to producing high-quality utility software for computer users, including data recovery software for PC, Mac, and iOS devices, data cleanup tools for PC and Mac, etc.

For more information, please visit https://www.ibeesoft.com

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