IAOP Spreads Best Practices With Support of E-Sourcing Capability Models

Certification and Development are the "Two Pillars for Outsourcing Success," Association Says

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY - The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®) continues to expand its professional and organization development offerings with its support of the e-Sourcing Capability Models (eSCM) and certification.
Developed by IAOP's corporate and professional development partner ITSqc, LLC -- the Carnegie Mellon spin-off created to promote best practice models for the global IT-enabled services industry -- these standards include models for service providers and client organizations.
Aligned with IAOP's Outsourcing Professionals Body of Knowledge (OPBOK), the models are used globally to improve organizational performance, appraise organizational capability and certify the capability of organizations based on their use of and adherence to the best practices.
ITSqc is working with strategic partners and authorized organizations to support global adoption of the eSourcing Capability Models.

Calling professional development and certification, and organizational development and certification the "two pillars of outsourcing success," IAOP said the partnership represents its continued focus on delivering an ever-expanding offering of certifications for professionals at every step along the career pathway.

"Outsourcing is a complex undertaking that requires true professionals," said IAOP Chairman Michael Corbett. "These professionals need to be brought together into effective teams with responsibility for the end-to-end outsourcing process and operate using a common playbook."

In addition, teams need to manage effective organizational processes that ensure consistent, repeatable, high-quality results and benchmark both professional skills and knowledge and organizational processes against rigorous industry standards, according to Corbett.

For a paper on the "Two Pillars of Outsourcing Success," click here: http://www.iaop.org/Content/23/193/3134/
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