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Ian Robert Nelms, with the help of his angling partner, worked his way up into the top 100 of the National Federation Tour.

According to Nelms, a combination of luck and hard work was his secret for winning one of the most prestigious walleye fishing tournaments in the United States. He now plans to participate in every fishing tournament, when his schedule affords, and will follow the events sponsored by Cabela’s around the country.

The tournament he won was also sponsored by Cabela’s and took place in Escabana's Bay de Noc, where the warm community always enchants the anglers.

The event has grown in popularity over the years, as more and more anglers are participating each year. The welcoming community and the prizes also contributed to the increased attendance. This year alone, over $200,000 dollars was at stake as well as prizes in products and discounts for various brands.

The competitive nature of the anglers and the prizes that were at stake made the event even more exciting to take part in, according to Ian Robert Nelms.

Nelms participated at the 15th edition of the tournament along with over 200 teams at Escabana, where he made his way into the top 100 anglers.

Ian Robert Nelms believes that the biggest contribution to his success was observing what other teams were doing, what strategies they were using, and their outcomes. In the Wisconsin competition, he did exactly the same. He watched how Louie Apitz and Buck Gehmz used a different strategy.

Apitz and Gehmz left their usual fishing place and took a chance by fishing in shallow waters. At first, the results were disappointing, but they had a strategy and were determined to wait until the end.

Their patience and determination paid off as they caught 46 pounds and 2 ounces and they won the competition in Wisconsin. Even the winning team was surprised by their success since their strategy was more on the experimental side. However, they did inspire Ian Robert Nelms to do the same in the next tournament he will attend.

In the Wisconsin tournament, Apitz and Gehmz won some impressive prizes. The winning team received more than $14,500 in various prizes and a bonus worth $500 from Lowrance Electronics. Also, they received prizes in cash and several of fishing-related products from a number of stores.

While the anglers are quite happy with the prize, perhaps the biggest reward is the fact that their new strategy worked. During the Manistee fishing tournament, Ian Robert Nelms and his angling partner Aaron Rice managed to leave with the big prize after catching a king salmon weighing in at 28.85 lbs.

By winning the Manistee fishing tournament, Nelms earned his way to the Master Angler’s Designation, which means he has now officially turned pro. Ian Robert Nelms describes his experience as “surreal.”

"Well — as luck may have it, I have won the Manistee Fishing Tournament this weekend. It's surreal and quite impressive. My winning fish was a king salmon that weighed in at 28.85 lbs and 42 inches long with a girth of 26 inches - the catch earned me the Master Angler's Designation. This earned me first place for the catch, and I have qualified for the FLW Masters Angler Tour.”

Nelm's goal is to become a state champion one day. Like thousands of other anglers, he will participate in fishing tournaments anytime he has the chance to. Observing other teams and creating his own strategy is part of his plan.

But he doesn't just keep his eyes on the prize. The welcoming community, friendships that are born in fishing tournaments, and the overall atmosphere are what really keeps him going.

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