IamUkraine and Global Fintech Giant Finder Join Forces Together to Help Ukrainian People

World's new ChariFi & NFT blockchain conception will help people to monetize their charitable experience and help needy.

IamUkraine x Finder

The IamUkraine studio, which is the founder of the Zelenskiy NFT charity project with a world-new ChariFi conception, unites its efforts with Australian fintech giant company Finder, creators of Piece Koalas charity NFT project. Together, their organizations are going to further develop their efforts of raising funds for charity, providing resources to Ukrainian humanitarian organizations, and helping people affected by war.

Project Management Leader at Finder, Michael Liue, said: "Finder is a global fintech company, which helps people all over the world to make effective financial decisions. Like many other companies, we have family, friends, and colleagues affected by the war in Ukraine. Some members of our team, who are currently in Poland, opened their homes to Ukrainian refugees. Moreover, we are continuously searching for more ways to help people who suffer from the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, we have created an NFT project called Peace Koalas. It allows anyone willing to help to invest in a piece of digital art while donating to a good cause. All minting proceeds, as well as royalties from the secondary sales, will go towards helping Ukrainians in need. 
Now we are glad to announce our partnership with another NFT charity project - ZelenskiyNFT created by an IamUkraine studio. We are sure, that by working together we will be able to help even more people affected by current events in Ukraine and raise more funds for charity and humanitarian organizations which provide such help."

Project lead at IamUkraine, Vladymyr Samoilenko, said:" We started to work on ZelenskiyNFT shortly after the war began. Our team already has solid experience in using innovative digital solutions for charity and social projects, and we decided to engage its skills and knowledge for the matter which is currently the most important: providing the necessary humanitarian aid to the Ukrainians affected by war - children and adults, refugees and those who remain in danger zones. We created ZelenskiyNFT to celebrate the spirit of the Ukrainian people and their national leader, make their courage visible to people all over the world, and support a global effort for helping Ukraine. We are glad to see our project picking up steam and uniting multiple charity and humanitarian organizations in Ukraine and Europe. As of now, ZelenskiyNFT has partnered with more than ten organizations working in various areas, providing help to Ukrainian civilians and defense forces. The funds from selling NFTs from the ZelenskiyNFT collection, which comprises 10 000 pieces of digital art, as well as royalties from secondary sales, will be distributed among these organizations. Now we are truly inspired by the partnership with Finder. The last few months showed that only by united efforts it is possible to bring closer to the moment, when Ukrainians will return to their normal life. We hope, that by working together with Finder we will be able to help more people who need it."

About IamUkraine

IamUkraine Studio, pioneer and developer of world's first ChariFi concept and Zelenskiy NFT collection, is a blockchain initiative launched to provide supportive assistance to global communities through digital art. The project brings together artistic representation with a strong social cause to empower struggling communities and help them overcome adversity. The IamUkraine will launch the Zelenskiy's NFT Collection on 31 May 2022.

About Finder

Finder is a australian global fintech business, helping millions of people worldwide make better decisions across everything from crypto exchanges to car insurance. It operates sites in 83 countries and has over 400 employees, with 9.7 million visitors a month worldwide.

Press Contacts / IamUkraine :
Name: Anna Vlasenko
Email: press@zelenskiynft.com
Website: https://www.zelenskiynft.com

Press Contacts / Finder :
Name: Taylor Blackburn
Email: aupr@finder.com
Website: https://www.finder.com

Source: IamUkraine