IAF Ventures LLC (Integrated Ag. Financial) Closes the Acquisition of Various Assets and the Cubing Operation of FSI Cube and Pellet

IAF 30 LP has acquired the assets of FSI in a multi-million dollars private transaction. This new addition to the IAF Ventures P.E. Ag portfolio continues an aggressive development trend toward consolidation in the forage industry. IAF Ventures LLC is a leading Agricultural investment manager.

IAF Ventures LLC, through its IAF 30 Limited Partnership, has completed the acquisition of assets from FSI in Stanfield, Arizona.

Jon-Michael Nahon, Managing Partner at IAF Ventures LLC, commented:

“Forage is an agro-industrial segment ripe for technology improvements and business consolidation. This acquisition will enable IAF Partnerships in general, and IAF 30 LP in particular, to integrate and develop synergies in its forage investments sector.  ”

Most of the agro-industrial activities will be restructured under a new company Forage Global LLC to reflect the growing international presence and expanding integration and product line of the company. Forage Global is planning to expand production at the current Stanfield, AZ facility and is in negotiations for the control of tens of thousands of acres of farmland in the Southwest including CA, AZ and NM.

Jackob Andersen CEO of Farm Sources International Holdings LLC issued the following statement:

“We are pleased to have completed this transaction with IAF Ventures and its subsidiary Forage Global LLC, leaving us to concentrate on our Real estate land holdings, and land Management!. We believe that Forage Global LLC, along with the staff that remains in place, will ensure a seamless transition for the customers that we built over the years.”

IAF Ventures LLC (Integrated Ag Financial) is a leading Investment Manager for Limited Partnerships in agriculture. Its investment strategy promotes sustainability of resources through technology investments and agricultural best practices. It aims to provide accredited investors with low correlation, elevated risk-adjusted returns, in the comfort of real assets. 

Source: Integrated Ag Financial / FSI


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