IADOWR COIN (IAD) Deploys on Ethereum Blockchain

The token that aims to change people's lives, one game at a time. IADOWR COIN (IAD), launches initial Token Generation Event April 30, 2018.

IADOWR COIN (IAD) Deploys On Ethereum Blockchain

IADOWR COIN (IAD), a pre-mined ERC token has deployed. The IAD Token Generation Event (TGE) will commence with an initial distribution launching April 30, 2018. https://www.iadowrcoin.com.


I am looking forward to IADOWR COIN being the platform to change the way people enjoy sports. Come, play for free and win real money!

Peyv Raz, IADOWR COIN (IAD) Financial Architect

The IADOWR COIN differentiates itself in the marketplace by presenting an established product and industry focus through a joint venture with sister company, Own The Spread (OTS). OTS is a premium service platform offering users the Ultimate New Fantasy Games (UNFG) and pro sports prediction tools based on an exclusive algorithm known as KIP (Knowledge is Power). Using Ethereum Smart Contracts and an internal token generated by OTS called OTS Bucks (OTSB), the IADOWR COIN purchaser has multiple pathways of earning both IAD and fiat currency.

IADOWR COIN is a pre-mined ERC token. Tokens can be earned in multiple ways:

1. purchasing IAD on 3rd-party exchanges

2. playing free fantasy sports games on OTS.

IAD with it’s OTS partnership creates one of the most entertaining and unique token faucets in the world. Once an individual registers with Own The Spread, they can participate in multiple activities - from fantasy sports games to digitally spinning the daily wheel of prizes. The platform (OTS) has no advertisements, nor malware. Whether you want to let KIP make your selections for you or you want to take its information and use it yourself, we are dedicated to making the experience a fun, win-win proposition.

IAD is the realization of the financial architect Peyv Raz’s experiences in finance and technology. In 2003 Raz created the first virtual office and paperless platform for a global financial institution, which is still in use today. From finance he transitioned to algorithms and AI development for real-life application, ultimately creating a working algorithm for sports prediction that has been in operation since 2009.

IADOWR COIN and Own The Spread are striving to change people's lives, one game at a time.

For major announcements in the coming weeks, stay tuned to https://www.IADOWRcoin.com and follow on social media @IADOWRcoin (Telegram, Twitter, Instagram) for updates.

For more information regarding IADOWR COIN, please contact Eduard Osipov media@iadowrcoin.com.

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