IAccidentLawyer Weighs in on Tragic San Diego Motorcycle Accident

In a new statement to the press, IAccidentLawyer comments on a recent San Diego motorcycle accident—one that led to the death of a beloved high school coach.

Tragedy struck when a San Diego motorcycle crash led to the death of a beloved high school sports coach. According to USA Today, long-tenured cross-country coach Carter Yarborough was recently killed when his bike struck a sheriff’s vehicle. In a new statement to the press, I Accident Lawyer weighs in on this tragedy and also offers some reflections on the risks of motorcycling.

“This is one of those sudden, shocking losses that underscores how quickly accidents can happen—and how dire the consequences can be,” comments I Accident Lawyer, a local San Diego motorcycle accident attorney.

“We join the local community, including students past and present, in mourning this loss,” the firm continues. “And, we hope it will be a reminder of the risks all of us take on as we operate motor vehicles.”

Indeed, I Accident Lawyer notes that even those who practice the best safety techniques can still find themselves injured in serious accidents. “No matter how safe you are, you never know what’s going to happen, or what you can expect from other motorists,” the firm notes. “Anything can happen in the blink of an eye.”

One important way to be prepared is to know the name of a local motorcycle accident lawyer. “If you do find yourself injured in a collision, it’s important to have a qualified and compassionate attorney to help you seek justice,” says I Accident Lawyer.


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