iAccidentLawyer.com Weighs in on California Fires, Hazardous Road Conditions

In a new statement to the press, I Accident Lawyer comments on California's fires and how they impact drivers.

California is currently being ravaged by fires in both the northern and southern parts of the state—resulting in widespread property damage and numerous casualties. To make matters worse, the fires have made highway conditions exceedingly hazardous. In a new statement to the press, I Accident Lawyer shares some tips for staying safe even during this California Fires.

“The fires are putting California drivers at risk, and for a few different reasons,” comments I Accident Lawyer. “First, smoke is leading to diminished visibility. Second, debris is cluttering roads. And third, evacuations have led to a number of traffic jams—as well as serious accidents.”

Those who are driving in California are advised to take things slow and to allow extra time to reach their destination. In conditions where visibility is bad, it’s best to drive as little as possible. And even following these guidelines, the risk of the accident remains significant.

“If you are in a collision, make sure you work with law enforcement, providing them with a full testimony,” I Accident Lawyer states. “Also, exchange information with the other driver—name, contact information, and insurance details. Finally, make sure you have a car accident lawyer you can call. A good attorney will help you fight for the compensation and care you need.”

There is never any way to totally remove the risk of highway accidents, least of all in the midst of these historic fires; according to I Accident Lawyer, however, these tips ensure that motorists are taking wise precautions.

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