IA Path Announces Giveaway to Laid-Off, Furloughed or Unemployed Individuals

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 IA Path today announced it will be launching a giveaway of their new book, Insurance Company Adjuster's Playbook:  How to Get Hired and Promoted as an Adjuster for an Insurance Company, to individuals that have been laid-off or furloughed due to recent economic events including the COVID-19 pandemic.

"When we set out to write this book, the main goal was to help individuals better navigate a path to get hired by insurance companies by giving them the information needed to succeed," said Chris Stanley, Founder of IA Path. "With the ongoing financial climate, we saw an opportunity to help those people that were impacted to get back on their feet by giving them a free copy of our latest book, which is a roadmap to a new career in the stable insurance industry."

Insurance Company Adjuster's Playbook is a step-by-step manual that walks the reader through everything that a hiring insurance company is looking for from a prospective adjuster including:

  • Educational & Training expectations
  • Licensing
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Adjusting Career Options

"To understand what the hiring companies wanted, we had to ask," said John Bachmann, co-author or Insurance Company Adjuster's Playbook.  "Chris and I knew we didn't have all the answers, so we spoke to hiring Claims managers and recruiters across the country to truly understand who the ideal candidate was. how they could become it and from that the Playbook was born."

The IA Path team stated that a laid-off or furloughed individual just needs to visit https://IAPath.com/unemployed/ to take advantage of the book giveaway.

"Our mission at IA Path is to help adjusters claim their lives," Stanley continued, "Through this giveaway, our hope is that, although they may have been negatively impacted by recent events, current or aspiring adjusters will start the process of reclaiming their lives!"

About IAPath

IA Path provides step-by-step, actionable information about how to become a working insurance adjuster. They also provide online virtual mentorship that gets experience requirements waived for people wanting to become insurance adjusters.

About Insurance Company Adjuster's Playbook

Insurance Company Adjuster's Playbook is a How to Get Hired and Promoted as an Adjuster for an Insurance Company. It can be purchased through IAPath.com/books or through Amazon in addition to the free giveaway.

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Chris Stanley - Founder of IA Path - Chris@IAPath.com

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