i3strategies®️ Publishes New White Paper For Growing Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Industry

The Paper Provides A Sharpened, Unique Perspective on Modernization and Market Opportunities for Financial Institutions, Solutions Providers, and Investors Operating in the Space

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i3strategies®️, a boutique consultancy with unique expertise in the Financial Crime Risk and Compliance space, is pleased to present a White Paper titled: An Industry on the Cusp of Modernization and a Market Full of Opportunities.

In 2022, much is changing for Financial Crime Risk and Compliance professionals, service providers, product vendors, and investors. New laws, stepped-up efforts to clamp down on corruption, and cryptocurrency's money laundering risks create significant challenges in keeping up with regulatory demands. Add increased beneficial ownership and identity verification rules, and the industry faces the most significant need to upgrade in more than a decade.

Annual global Financial Crime Risk and Compliance costs continue to grow into the hundreds of billions of dollars. As regulations and requirements expand for financial institutions, multinationals, and industries like real estate, law, trust, and accounting, significant investment and expenditure are needed to meet the push to modernize.

The White Paper explores how the mandate to modernize creates opportunities for financial institutions to improve programs and operations, consultants to offer better services, technology companies to build better products, investors to find better investments, and workers to build more fulfilling careers.

All stakeholders, including lawmakers, regulators, financial institutions and corporate leaders, service providers, technology firms, and industry workers, finally seem to be of like mind. Now is the time to substantially improve how to fight financial crime and how doing so will shape world events in favor of freedom.

"In 2022, as new laws and regulations call for Financial Crime Risk and Compliance to modernize, institutions and vendors are seeking to understand which changes to make, how, and when. Now add to this pressure dramatic world events where governments are responding forcefully by implementing new sanctions and tougher rules on crypto. Updating and strengthening all elements of Financial Crime Risk and Compliance creates countless opportunities for the space. Institutions and organizations that seize this moment to upgrade will benefit for years to come." -- Vic Maculaitis, Founder and Managing Partner

About i3strategies®️

Founded in 2015 as a boutique strategy management consulting firm on the core tenets of intelligence, innovation, and integration -- i3strategies®️ is the leading market expertise firm in the Financial Crime Risk and Compliance space. The firm's partners bring unparalleled perspective in a multi-billion dollar market where clarity and expertise matter more than ever. Blue chip clients span across financial services firms; global management consultants (BCG, McKinsey, Accenture, Genpact, Bain, Booz Allen Hamilton); private equity/global investment firms (BBH, Vista Equity Partners, Warburg Pincus, New Mountain Capital, TA Associates, Capital Group); and other public and private companies.

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