I Love Wine is Selling its First Champagne Brands Made from Grapes grown Organically

Organic champagnes & wines are being sold by "I Love Wine" for their customers who crave for quality products grown aesthetically.

I Love Wine” is introducing its brands of Champagnes made entirely with organically grown grapes. “I Love Wine” is one of the first online wines & champagnes selling outlets of USA offering consumers such products. In this way the company is once again demonstrating its commitment towards the promotion of sustainable practices of wine making.

The wineries across the state of California who incorporate sustainability throughout their vineyards & processes of wine making for a long time are only chosen & brands produced by them are only selected by “I Love Wine”. These wineries implement land conservation techniques still recycling materials & reclaiming them. Some wineries that have received its certification from CCOF or California Certified Organic Farmers are its first preference. This certification process is an extensive procedure to get the rights to produce organic grapes. Some vineyards take years to develop their necessary infrastructure. In the coming months of March, “I Love Wine” is eyeing to introduce these brands in the market.  

“We are excited to launch our organic products online,” said Danny, owner of “I Love Wine”. “This new approach allows us to support sustainability philosophy that is our aim towards bringing in consumer satisfaction when it comes with purchasing & celebrating premium champagne brands of America”.

The company supervisors monitor if the cultivation of grapes are in accordance with organic certification requirements of USDA as the fruits are grown devoid of any use of herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. They also check if the wines & champagnes are manufactured in line of the traditional techniques of méthode champenoise where inside bottle fermentation takes place that give rise to perfect pinpoint bubbles.

The category of organic harvest remains strong as consumers prefer products made from fruits & vegetables grown organically. In the year 2008, the organic sales of USA rose to 17%, covering $24.6 billion in trade & OTA or organic trade association projects record around 18% annual growth on average for food products grown organically through the year 2010.

“As more buyers are looking for beverages and foods produced organically, we did not want to miss this opportunity for I Love Wine, best online wine shop California, to offer such unique products where such options are not widely available”, said Danny. “Organic practices yield grapes with exciting flavours for us to work on. It has been a great development for the company.”

The Brut champagnes, made of organically grown grapes will be sold from March in a limited edition with price starting from $15.99. These organic wines & champagnes will taste crispy, bright, intense & delicate. These grapes well assimilate flavours of pear, apples & white peaches. The finish is mostly dry with a medium savoury note in the end.

“I Love Wine” sells best brands of wines & champagnes in an affordable price for all & sundry. From cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir to chardonnay & pinot gris every top types of wines & champagnes are available with them.

About I Love Wine LLC

"I Love Wine" is online wine & champagne selling store based in California that specialises in selling branded wines & champagnes at an affordable price.