I Accident Lawyer, Top Las Vegas Personal Injury Firm, Wins Million Dollar Semi Collision Case

I Accident Lawyer recently represented a Las Vegas motorist who was struck by a semi truck—and helped him win a major settlement.

I Accident Lawyer represents drivers who are victimized in car, truck, or motorcycle accidents—and sometimes, that means motorists who have been involved in semi collisions. In one recent case, a Las Vegas driver sustained major injuries after being hit by a semi, but the representation of I Accident Lawyer helped him secure a significant financial settlement. I Accident Lawyer has issued a new statement to the press, celebrating this major win.

“We are here to fight passionately for clients, especially those whose injuries make it hard for them to fight for themselves,” I Accident Lawyer says in its press statement. “We will never stop advocating for those involved in highway accidents.”

In this most recent case, a Las Vegas driver was in his Honda Civic when he got hit by the massive force of a semi—and though he was wearing his seatbelt, the injuries to his neck, back, and upper torso were all significant. Liability was hotly contested, but I Accident Lawyer made his case and ultimately won a settlement of $1,000,000.*

More information about the expertise of I Accident Lawyer, the top car accident attorneys in Las Vegas, can be found at iaccidentlawyer.com.

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