HyTrust Fuels Government Market Growth Hires Wayne Lewandowski as GM/SVP and Expands Federal Advisory Board


July 25, 2017 08:00 ET

HyTrust Fuels Government Market Growth Hires Wayne Lewandowski as GM/SVP and Expands Federal Advisory Board

Government business will be led by proven executive and HyTrust federal advisory board expanded with three new members

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - July 25, 2017) - HyTrust, Inc. today announced that it has hired Wayne Lewandowski as senior vice president and general manager of its government business, effective immediately. Lewandowski, who has a background in sales cybersecurity products to the federal government, will lead the company in this critical market sector.

Also, today HyTrust announced that its Federal Advisory Board is expanding with the addition of three notable members: former U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, of Illinois; retired Lt. Gen. Rhett Hernandez, former first commander of U.S. Army Cyber Command; and Reginald Hyde, former deputy undersecretary for intelligence and security in the U.S. Department of Defense.

Putting the board's advice into action will be Lewandowski, who will be the tip of the spear for HyTrust's work with the defense sector and other federal agencies. Lewandowski comes to the company from Thales e-Security, where he was vice president of sales to the U.S. Government and led the growth of cybersecurity platform technology in support of federal mandates.

"It's a very exciting time to be joining HyTrust," Lewandowski said. "The federal government's need for cybersecurity is greater than it's ever been, and I'm delighted to be part of HyTrust's solution to meet that need. I am eager to fill the void in the Public-Sector market for such technology. The government recognizes that both cyber and cloud computing are a key part of their IT direction. HyTrust will play a pivotal role in providing a secure and compliant strategy for IT in the cloud, as well as the data center."

The Federal Advisory Board, established by HyTrust to extend its presence in the public sector, is comprised of highly experienced former senior government officials, both military and civilian, and industry executives, all with distinguished records in national security, technology and cybersecurity. The purpose of the board is to ensure mission data is protected while enabling government agencies to achieve the cost and agility benefits of cloud and virtualization technologies. The new members add valuable insight and experience to the board.

"It's an honor to welcome these three respected members to our Federal Advisory Board," HyTrust Chairman and CEO John De Santis said. "They expand the diversity of our team and the value we can provide in creating cloud and virtualization offerings to enable government agencies to take advantage of cost and operational benefits of cutting-edge technologies. We're excited to work with them to deliver on HyTrust's mission."

Hernandez brings to the board a wealth of defense sector experience. In addition to his service with Army Cyber Command, beginning with its activation in 2010, Hernandez also was a deputy chief of staff for Army Operations and headed the U.S. military training mission in Saudi Arabia. After retiring in 2013, Hernandez now serves as chairman of the civilian advisory board to the Army Cyber Institute at West Point.

Hyde, before leaving the DOD in 2013, held the civilian rank equivalent to a three-star general. He was responsible for oversight and policy guidance in core areas of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise (the uniformed service components and agencies that make up U.S. military intelligence). Before that, he worked for three decades as a CIA operations officer. A year after retirement, Hyde was named executive director of the Cyber Institute at the University of Alabama, his alma mater.

Kirk served as a senator from 2010 to 2016, his election coming after five terms in the U.S. House. Before his congressional duties, Kirk was an intelligence officer with the U.S. Naval Reserves and worked a variety of government legal roles, including chief counsel to the House International Relations Committee.

The new members' experiences and expertise uniquely complement those of existing board members and will help HyTrust continue enabling public sector agencies and organizations to protect critical national security cloud data assets while allowing them to leverage cost and efficiency benefits of virtualization technologies without sacrificing protection.

For more information about the HyTrust Federal Advisory Board visit: https://www.hytrust.com/company/federal-advisory-board/

Supporting Quotes

"In the face of growing international and domestic cyber threats, ensuring the integrity of our national security data must remain a high priority for the Administration and Congress. As a country, we must be vigilant and protect ourselves from both foreign intervention and insider threats. HyTrust has the perfect set of tools to protect our most sensitive data from cyber-attack and exploitation." - Senator Mark Kirk

"As we move to the cloud and leverage virtualized computing to enable enhanced decision-making, our military needs capabilities with increased efficiency, operational effectiveness and cyber security. HyTrust, a leader in cloud virtualization security, is uniquely qualified to provide the warfighter with the security tools required to protect defense data, an essential element to operations on the battlefield and in cyberspace." - Lt. Gen. Rhett Hernandez

"The U.S. defense establishment and the U.S. Intelligence Community are leaders in securing highly-sensitive USG data in the cloud, especially with the C2S platform. These agencies rely upon mission critical functions such as crypto-key management and data sovereignty, which HyTrust has mastered better than any other available cloud security system." - Reginald Hyde

For more information about HyTrust solutions for government visit: http://www.hytrust.com/solutions/federal

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HyTrust's mission is to make private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure more trustworthy for enterprises, service providers and government agencies. HyTrust provides solutions that automate security controls for software-defined computing, networking and storage workloads to achieve the highest levels of visibility, granular policy control and data protection. HyTrust customers benefit from being able to accelerate cloud and virtualization cost savings while improving their security posture by automating and enforcing security policies in real time, adapting quickly to compliance requirements, and preventing unplanned outages.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, HyTrust is backed by the leading providers of strategic IT infrastructure including VMware, Cisco, Intel and Fortinet; by the vanguard of innovative solutions for the intelligence community, In-Q-Tel; and by a world class group of financial investors including Sway Ventures, Granite Ventures, Trident Capital and Vanedge Capital. HyTrust was recently named one of CRN's "20 Coolest Cloud Security Vendors", a recipient of VMworld's 2015 Gold Award for Security/Compliance and Virtualization, and the Most Innovative Cloud Company at Intel Security Focus 2015.

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