Hypur Introduces Electronic Payments at Exhale Dispensary in Las Vegas

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Hypur Inc. (Hypur) announced today its partnership with Exhale Dispensary (Exhale) in Las Vegas, Nevada to bring Hypur Payments to their retail location. Hypur brings a fast, secure and reliable way to pay without cash to Exhale’s cannabis dispensary. Hypur is safer than using cash, faster and less expensive than using the ATM, and more dependable than work-around payment options, like stored value systems and cryptocurrency.

Hypur’s technology empowers customers to buy cannabis products electronically through a safe, user-friendly application. This completes the customer’s exemplary in-store experience, as Hypur is free for the consumer and provides a more traditional purchasing process. The product works by facilitating an account-to-account transfer from customer to merchant accounts.

For Exhale, providing their customers with a cutting-edge, quality experience is very important. Their retail location strives to provide remarkable service with each customer interaction, assisting them in finding the right product to meet their needs.

“Hypur will help us continue our goal of redefining the cannabis experience,” said Pete Findley, CEO of Exhale. “By providing our customers with a secure, easy way to pay, our customers can focus on finding the right product for their needs.”

Consumers do not have to pay a fee to use Hypur, and their information is kept secure with Face and Touch ID and through a Personal Access Code (PAC) that is required for every transaction. Hypur eliminates the inconvenience and potential risk of conducting cannabis transactions solely in cash or through off-shore processing.

About Hypur 
Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hypur provides technology that helps financial institutions serve highly regulated and cash-intensive industries by filling the gaps between traditional banking systems and the unique regulatory demands of these businesses. Hypur also offers electronic payment solutions for industries without access to traditional payment systems or when traditional payments are not a good fit. For more information, please visit Hypur.com. 

About Exhale
Exhale Dispensary provides a comfortable and professional atmosphere, helping our customers find the right medicine for their specific needs. We support the therapeutic advantages of cannabis and offer an extensive selection of premium flowers, concentrates, edibles, and accessories.

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Source: Hypur Inc.