Hypothesis to Host Free and Virtual Conference on Social Annotation: AnnotatED 2024

AnnotatED Conference 2024

Hypothesis, the leading social annotation solution provider, is hosting AnnotatED 2024 on April 17-18, from 12-3 p.m. ET. This is the flagship event for educators, administrators, and innovators who want to learn how to harness social annotation in an educational setting. Social annotation refers to the collaborative experience of making digital annotations on a shared text, in the process highlighting insights, creating discussions and opening a new world of collaboration.

The virtual conference is free to attend and promises a deep dive into social annotation's dynamic and evolving role in higher education. AnnotatED 2024 aims to bring together thought leaders, faculty experts, and educators from around the globe to share their insights, best practices, and innovative approaches in the field of social annotation. There will be over 20+ live sessions hosted from institutions such as Toronto University, Florida State University, Dartmouth College, and SUNY New Paltz.

This year's event explores vital themes such as the impact of social annotation on learning and engagement, future trends in social annotation and technology, building collaborative and inclusive learning environments, and strategies for increasing student engagement and retention in courses.

Attendees can look forward to engaging in various interactive sessions, ranging from keynote presentations to panel discussions and roundtables; all centered around the practical and actionable strategies that can be implemented in the classroom immediately.

Keynote speaker Dan Whaley, founder and CEO of Hypothesis, will kick off each day with insightful presentations before setting the stage for a series of thought-provoking discussions and sessions led by faculty experts in the field. Some session highlights include:

  •  "Decoding Research: The Influence of Annotations on Scientific Comprehension and Professional Identity" by Nicholas Denton from The Ohio State University
  •  "Enhancing Collaborative Learning in Business Education at Florida State University" featuring Andrea Hodge, Ömer Arslan, and Joseph Rider
  • "Lessening Distractions and Increasing Attention with Social Annotations" by Nita Gopal from Modesto Junior College
  • "Social Annotations' Role in Building & Maintaining a Community of Practice" led by Jennifer Young from the University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • And many more engaging discussions and presentations!

Join us for this exciting event and discover innovative ways to engage students, gain a deeper understanding, and create inclusive learning environments through the power of social annotation.

For more information on the list of speakers and to register for AnnotatED 2024, sign up here!

About Hypothesis 

Hypothesis is an advanced web annotation software provider seeking to implement a real-time conversation layer over the entire web. It enables sentence-level note-taking or critique on top of a diverse array of texts, such as blogs, legislation, articles, and news — with users creating over 50 million annotations thus far. Through strategic partnerships with various organizations, the company aims to develop a platform for the next generation of read-write web applications in education, publishing, journalism, research, and technology.

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About Hypothesis

Hypothesis is a mission-driven organization building universal collaboration into the internet with open-source technology. Through the power of social annotation, we can make online discussions more meaningful, productive, and engaging.

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