HyperCite® Makes Hyperlinking Easy in State Court of Appeal

New web-based software automates hyperlinking to the record on appeal in Arizona Court of Appeals

Finally, there's an efficient, affordable process for appellate attorneys and self-represented litigants required to hyperlink citations to the record on appeal. Say hello to HyperCite®.

Wave farewell to the archaic copy and paste system that's costly and tedious.

"HyperCite is web-based software that links briefs with the appellate record, making everyone's life easier," said San Diego appellate attorney and HyperCite co-founder/CEO Dennis Temko. "Prior to HyperCite, there was no way to automatically create hyperlinks to the record on appeal, prior briefing, transcripts or other docket documents without significant time and frustration." 

Temko found the solution to do away with the status quo for a task that is cumbersome and time-insensitive when work productivity is essential.

HyperCite streamlines the process of hyperlinking by automating hyperlink generation and checking cites to make sure they point to the correct documents — greatly benefiting judges, attorneys and self-represented litigants with accuracy, cost savings, and efficiency.

"Courts want hyperlinked briefs and, as appellate attorneys, we want to guide readers to the material that we want them to see," Temko said.

Uploading a legal document to HyperCite prior to its filing transforms record citations into active hyperlinks in seconds. 

"HyperCite's automation of the hyperlinking process is not only a massive time-saver that reduces rejected filings for attorneys, it also improves access to justice for self-represented litigants who sometimes find hyperlinking challenging," said Second District Chief Information Officer Nate Tonnessen-Marler.

In addition, HyperCite effectively reduces cost to appellate attorneys since hyperlink generation is often performed in-house. The software allows for valuable time to be spent elsewhere. 

With a common internet connection, HyperCite can process a 50-page parent document (brief, motion, etc.) and 10,000 combined pages of docket material in roughly 20 seconds.  

The system flags mis-cites, allowing the user to choose to correct or bypass.

The software is also useful in linking oral argument notes to the record to support statements in front of the court, boosting attorney credibility and ensuring optimal presentation.

HyperCite's reliance on artificial intelligence sets it apart in terms of its exceptional capability. 

"We've automated a process that takes considerable time to accomplish and is prone to human error," Temko said. "The AI makes it so there's no risk of mis-linked citations."

The software was also developed with state-of-the-art security protocols in place, where it operates on a secure, encrypted platform.

Using HyperCite only requires two simple actions: the user inputs their case number, then uploads a pdf of their submission (e.g., brief).

"This is what cutting-edge technology looks like at the appellate level," Temko said, adding he plans to expand the software nationwide.

The practice of appellate brief writing has remained unchanged for long enough. Streamline hyperlink creation with HyperCite and let this revolutionary software do the work for you.

For information or to experience the streamlined hyperlink process, visit az.hypercite.net.

Source: HyperCite®


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