HYJAX Launches New Mobile Charging Solution

A Missouri based company is releasing a new mobile charging solution today aimed towards those who enjoy outdoor activities.

HYJAX pronounced (HI-JACK) launches a simple solution for a complicated life.  HYJAX gives anyone the flexibility of keeping their USB based devices charged and ready for usage. #HYJAXPower #PowerWhereYouNeedIt #PGASHOW #WorkHardPlayHard #HYJAX

It’s an inevitable problem that when enjoying outdoors activities, such as golfing, boating or hunting, one always seem to find your electronics low on battery. But not if it's up to HYJAX - a Missouri based start-up that has launched a new product aiming to solve this very problem. The HYJAX device will allow anyone that has access to a battery, 8 volt to 24 volt, to safely charge two mobile phones or phone/tablet.  It's a safe and revolutionary new way to stay connected while having fun.

The HYJAX device is designed to add the functionality of having a USB charging station anywhere one can have, or obtain, a 8 to 24 volt battery. Safety is top propriety for HYJAX and that is shown by their usage of a replaceable car type fuse.  Users can rest assured that if anything is going to bite the dust, it will be the replaceable fuse (caused by normal usage of the product) not the electronic which is being charged.  Everything about HYJAX is built strong, from the durable gator style clips to the heavy duty USB port.  HYJAX is ready to tackle any activity that everyone enjoys.

In conjunction with the very creative Jeff Houghton, Jeff Jenkins, and Blend Studios of Springfield, Missouri, the creators of HYJAX developed a funny yet informative video to market this product.  To see the video, please go to www.HYJAXPower.com.

HYJAX will be launching on January 19, 2017, at a low affordable price point of $40.00.  To purchase your HYJAX today, visit www.HYJAXPower.com.

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HYJAX is a company that was created to solve mobile charging needs for USB based devices.

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