Hydromantis Releases Capdetworks™ v4.0 - an Open Platform for Preliminary Design and Financial Planning of Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Hydromantis announced today the latest release of CapdetWorks™ Version 4.0. CapdetWorks™ is based on the U.S. EPA CAPDET – “Computer Assisted Procedure for Design and Evaluation of Treatment Systems” program. CapdetWorks is the industry’s only software tool for fast and accurate preliminary design and cost estimation of wastewater treatment plant construction projects.

This latest version of CapdetWorks™ comes with a new add-on Application Programming Interface (API) module which allows for development and integration of user-defined unit processes in CapdetWorks™. The new API can be used to develop the design and costing procedures for any number of existing or new wastewater treatment technologies. New cost database items can be included and used in user-defined cost algorithms. This new functionality extends the capabilities of CapdetWorks™ and makes it an even more powerful and flexible tool for design and costing of wastewater treatment plants. “The API is a major development for CapdetWorks™. It makes CapdetWorks™ an open platform and supports the modelling needs of our valued clients” said Dr. Rajeev Goel, President & CEO of Hydromantis.

CapdetWorks™ Version 4.0 also comes with new unit process models for biogas cleaning.  For example, hydrogen sulfide removal, moisture removal, and CO2 removal technologies are implemented.

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For more information please contact: Robert P Beres, Executive VP – Sales & Marketing beres@hydromantis.com

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