Human Rights Adds a New Dimension to Women's Conference

Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center Annual Women's Conference human rights workshop helps those attending understand their human rights and responsibilities.

Human rights information booth

A human rights workshop by the Buffalo chapter of Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) brought the subject to life for those attending the 4th Annual Women's Conference of the University of Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center (EOC).

EOC celebrates women’s leadership and creates an environment where those participating connect and engage with a community that supports the success of women.

The conference featured guest speakers who are community leaders and two series of workshops attendees could choose from. Youth for Human Rights International Buffalo chapter was asked to present a “What Are Human Rights?” workshop.

Representing Youth for Human Rights, presenters Chris Latham and Isabelle Vladoiu ensured every attendee had the educational materials they needed to understand each of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They focused on why human rights are important to every individual.

The presenters used The Story of Human Rights documentary to lay the foundation of the history of human rights and paint a clear picture of the state of these rights in the world today. They also played several brief public service announcements, each focusing on a specific human right.

Those attending felt energized by the program. “Just get it out to the public, churches, schools and community centers,” said one of the women. “This is very worthwhile, what an education.”

“Very well delivered,” wrote another in her feedback. “Made me want to go door to door,” she said, referring to the public service announcement for human right number 29 that expresses each person’s responsibility to make others aware of their human rights.

Dozens of women representing churches and community groups received the YHRI educational materials and those wishing to deliver human rights education were given Youth for Human Rights Educator's Kits that make it simple to deliver this education in a classroom or group setting.

The purpose of Youth for Human Rights International is to inspire youth to become advocates for tolerance and peace by educating them on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Founded in 2001, YHRI has grown to a global movement, including hundreds of groups, clubs and chapters around the world. The Buffalo chapter educates people across Western New York on their basic rights.

The Church of Scientology and Scientologists support United for Human Rights and its program for young people, Youth for Human Rights, the world’s largest nongovernmental human rights education campaign, reaching out in 195 countries in 27 languages and embraced by 2,300 groups, organizations, activists and officials. Their support of the initiative is inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s conviction that “It is vital that all thinking men urge upon their governments sweeping reforms in the field of human rights.”

For more information on Youth for Human Rights Buffalo, visit, the Scientology newsroom or the Scientology TV Network.


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