Human Plasma on Demand; Velico Medical FrontlineODP System

Sunrise Labs, a medical device engineering firm, is proud to announce its collaboration with Velico Medical, Inc., of Beverly, MA, for the development of a life-saving technology; The FrontlineODP™ (On Demand Plasma) system for spray drying human plasma. FrontlineODP enables blood centers to spray dry versus freeze plasma for transfusion solving many of the supply chain issues associated with frozen blood products and extending the availability of life-saving plasma for transfusion to pre-hospital settings, including the military and mass casualty events. For patients who are bleeding, every minute counts.

The FrontlineODP system is expected to be the first commercial manufacturing system available to regional blood centers for producing a dry plasma product for transfusion in bleeding patients. FrontlineODP rehydrates with sterile water at the point of care in under five minutes and is expected to be an easy to use, significant addition to the trauma care toolkit. Velico is funded by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Contract No. HHSO100201200005C.

Sunrise is designing the Frontline ODP spray drying instrument and will build and test prototypes. Velico and Sunrise will test these systems to ensure Clinical and Regulatory requirements are met. Sunrise is also working with manufacturing partner Cogmedix, of Worcester, MA, to build Instruments for Clinical trials. Development of the entire Frontline ODP system is being managed under the Sunrise Quality Management System (QMS) to provide technical documentation and test results necessary for Clinical testing and FDA submissions.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to help save lives. Sunrise is both honored and proud to play a leading role in bringing this technology to the market,” says Eric Soederberg, President and CEO of Sunrise Labs.

“We could not have better, more collaborative and capable partners; and it shows in the work!” said Bill Skillman, President & CEO at Velico Medical, Inc.

Pending FDA clearance, the commercialization of this system will target deployment in blood collection and processing centers around the world, resulting in improved patient outcomes and significant savings for the healthcare delivery system.

About Velico Medical; Velico Medical, Inc. is a private, pre-clinical medical technology company focused on applying proprietary technologies to improve the quality, availability and economics of platelets and plasma (human blood components) for transfusion.

Velico's product candidates, if approved, are expected to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient care and safety and result in a more effective blood delivery system.

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Contact: Bill Skillman, CEO  +1 978-232-8370

About Sunrise Labs: For over 25 years, clients have come to Sunrise Labs for complete product development and engineering services, leveraging our ISO 13485:2016 certified process. Specializing in Medical Device and Life Science instrumentation development, we are known for solving tough engineering problems and turning novel ideas into commercially viable products. Our client success stories reflect our strength in software, electronics, systems, mechanical and optical engineering practices.

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