Human Focus Establishes Its Online Health and Safety Training Library as the UK's Largest

Human Focus recently celebrated delivering over 3.4 million training sessions. Passing this milestone has established its online training course library as the largest in the UK.

Health and Safety Training

As a global leader in online training for health, safety and business risks, Human Focus has spent over 30 years creating training courses that are about more than ticking boxes. Working together with key health and safety bodies, insurance companies and trade associations, Human Focus delivers training solutions that cultivate skills and transform behaviours. It does this because the company believes that a focus on human behaviour change can make any workplace safer, healthier and more productive. It is this philosophy that gives Human Focus its name.

Human Focus' innovative digital training solutions are delivered via a unique online system. The system ensures that trainees are building competence - the ability to do the job safely - which is essential for businesses operating in high-risk environments that demand world-class human performance. 

The online training system also lets organisations rapidly share learning with all employees and fit courses around their schedules. This allows every business, regardless of industry or size, to bring lasting improvements to performance and maximise the returns of effective staff training. 

Every one of the training courses Human Focus offers is independently approved by a professional body to give trainees recognised qualifications or professional certificates. Approval bodies include wide-reaching organisations, such as the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH), which champions all forms of occupational health and safety, to sector-specific bodies such as the United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association (UKATA). 

The full library offers over 200 training courses to clients. And the majority of courses provide benefits for every business, such as health and safety fundamentals or soft skills all employees should know. But Human Focus also offers advanced sector-specific courses, such as LOLER or PUWER Management programmes, which give trainees enhanced knowledge, skills and certification. 

Any course can be customised but Human Focus also offers a pioneering Content Builder service that lets clients develop training specific to their organisation. The Human Focus content development team can transform any client's own learning materials into interactive e-learning courses. These custom courses engage learners with the same high-quality computer-generated images and video animations as Human Focus' own programmes. And every training course - either off-the-shelf or tailor-made - can be tracked and managed online via Human Focus' unique reporting hub.

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About Human Focus

Since 1992, Human Focus has been leading the way in innovative digital training solutions. More than just the company name, Human Focus is a mission: the company believes that training focused on changing human behaviour can make any workplace safer, healthier and more productive. This approach has helped hundreds of organisations develop industry-leading safety cultures and achieve new levels of business performance.

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Human Focus is a global leader in skilled behaviour change in the workplace. They assist clients in achieving world-class business performance by helping to build skills and change habits that keep workers safer, healthier and more productive.

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