Huge Requirement of Quality Mobile App Developers by 2020.

India is undoubtedly the most lucrative smartphone market and the fastest growing market for in terms of smartphone users. Going by a recent survey data India has crossed Unites States in total number of smartphone users. India has already crossed the 200 million User mark surpassing the USA. Also In 2016 feature phone sales is going to be low as compared to smartphone sales.

​This data directly points at the fact that more and more number of users is going to be connected through smart phones and not just in mere numbers but exponentially. This has been already considered as a revolution in Indian Technology sector. Now all of this interesting and alarming data leads us to consider the needs and service requirements which will arise with smart phone boon.
Start-ups are already capturing this move by taking ideas and converting them into resourceful services and serving Indian Masses. And voila, the people love them. Having their needs considered and served efficiently makes customers the King.
Coming to the most important fact, these high smart phone numbers have led to high requirement of Mobile Application Development firms. According to recent data currently there are 50-70, 000 Mobile App Developers – this numbers has proven to be highly insufficient. By 2020 India is going to have more than a billion smart phones connected through Internet and this will require over 20 million smart phone app developers at that time.
All of these happenings will directly and indirectly create over a million Jobs in Mobile App Development sector. At best the Application Development Economy is going to prompt over 6,00,000 jobs in coming Year.

The top Custom Mobile Application Development firms currently in India are doing a well-organized and top notch job in Development of Applications- both over Android and iOS. This has made India stand out in Custom Mobile Application Development race and is causing a huge uproar among its competitors and also in between top firms that are in this sector. There is a need of an App for almost every use and is being looked after also.
One such Mobile App Development firm is i-softinc Technologies and is proving itself as a worthy competitor among the finest. I-softinc is already hailed as one of the finest Custom Mobile Application Development Firms.  I-softinc is having 5 plus years of lavish experience in Mobile Application Development over Android, iOS, Windows and Web Applications and Web Development and is having over 2500+ Mobile Apps in its portfolio and more than 50 + Nations has been served by 2015.

Making high quality and best UI effective applications i-softinc technologies is going to be on a success run for the year 2016 as well.

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