Hubtek Offers Live Carrier Sales Training Program

Become a top-performing carrier sales representative. Register now and take advantage of this situation by becoming what the market needs in less than three months.

Hubtek (Miami, FL) is excited to announce its first LIVE ProfitQuest training program. The Carrier Sales Professional training program is designed to develop logistics operations staff toward a more thorough and focused approach for finding and securing capacity for their organizations and their customers.

Packed with Live Classroom instruction, Role-Playing, Simulations, and Call Feedback, this training tool sets a new standard for the development of Logistics education.

The first cohort/class will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 4, and will run for eight weeks. With an in-class commitment of three hours per week (24 total hours), learners will improve their approach to securing capacity and building carrier relationships, ultimately reducing risk and cost on the sourcing side of any brokerage operation.

Taught by Scott Hadley, Hubtek VP of Partnerships and 10+ year transportation veteran, the course embodies a sales perspective to carrier network management. "The goal is to reduce the number of single-use carriers, expand margins and develop a healthier supply of capacity for a business - and relationships are the key."

Asked about the need for stronger Carrier Sales training, Hadley states, "Each point of margin goes straight to the bottom line. Each load covered by an existing carrier reduces the risk of customer service problems. Each conversation about carrier need strengthens the relationship - all for a better network to serve your customer base."

Carrier Sales Professional training is a powerful tool necessary to compete in a crowded market. Being better at carrier development leads to being better at serving customers.

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Register now for the Carrier Sales LIVE Training and take advantage of this situation by becoming what the market needs in less than three months.

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Source: Hubtek