HubStor Introduces CoolSearch: The Searchable Cloud-Based Cold-Storage Archive Service

HubStor announced today the general availability of CoolSearch, the first managed search solution delivered on Microsoft Azure's public cloud with a highly scalable design for enterprises that need cloud-based cold storage that is integrated with their infrastructure, compliant, and easily discoverable.

​HubStor Inc., developer of the world’s first data-aware cloud archive solution, today announced HubStor CoolSearch, a fully-managed search solution that makes storage, indexing, and discovery low cost and completely turn-key for enterprises. CoolSearch delivers searchable cloud archiving at petabyte scale, where the all-inclusive economics can be as low as $0.04/GB monthly.

Cloud-based search is ideal because it avoids enterprises having to license expensive search software along with installing and managing costly server and storage infrastructure. But other public cloud search solutions typically require work to integrate or adapt the indexing component to the target data, and importing workloads often means losing the original permissions on the data. Furthermore, they require work in order to make the security around search integrated with an organization’s identity and access management.

"By combining highly scalable, redundant, write-once-read-many storage functionality in a pay-as-you-go cloud model, CoolSearch offers a robust set of capabilities that can satisfy eDiscovery and regulatory compliance requirements."

Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst with Osterman Research

While enterprises increase their adoption of the cloud, such as moving email workloads to Microsoft Office 365, there is often the realization that significant amounts of data held in on-premises storage is orphaned – the owner of the data is no longer at the organization. This presents a unique challenge – not only for email but for files and other types of unstructured data too – because the organization has no easy mechanism to store and manage it, and it is often unclear when deletion can occur. CoolSearch addresses these issues by providing a fully managed cold storage archive that is low cost with the option to have search scaled up and down based on the client’s discovery requirements.

In cases where search is infrequently needed, CoolSearch can be switched into an inactive state, further reducing the pay-as-you-go economics of the service. CoolSearch is designed for the following target workloads:

  •      Departmental file shares in organizational restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions.
  •      eDiscovery case data for in-house legal teams.
  •      Home directories and legacy email archives of former employees.
  •      Any large quantities of infrequently accessed data that need to be cost-efficiently stored in a discoverable manner.

The CoolSearch technology stack embeds Elasticsearch, a distributed, open source search and analytics engine known for scalability and reliability. Beyond the underlying search technology, CoolSearch consists of five core components:

  1.      Trusted Cloud Infrastructure: Delivered exclusively on Microsoft Azure, CoolSearch can run from any of Microsoft’s 26 Azure datacenter regions around the globe, with the data protection of three synchronous copies, at a minimum.
  2.      Directory Synchronization: Authentication and role-based access are connected to each client’s corporate directory, making it safe and easy to adopt for sensitive data workloads.
  3.      Fully Managed Data Aware Cloud Archive: CoolSearch uses HubStor’s data-aware cloud archiving technology as the storage platform. Data aware storage provides automated analytics and auditing on all data imported to the service, offering clients ready insight into their storage and activities.
  4.      HubStor Connector Service: CoolSearch includes installable software that cloud-enables existing on-premises storage, making it easy to securely import targeted workloads into CoolSearch based on policies. Features include versioning, synchronization of security access controls, bandwidth throttling, and the ability to import data on demand or automatically.
  5.      Search As A Service: Each client’s search cluster is deployed in a dedicated tenant, and delivered fully managed with no licensing and no hardware requirements.

CoolSearch offers a novel method for dramatically reducing the cost of archiving data for long periods”, said Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst with Osterman Research. “By combining highly scalable, redundant, write-once-read-many storage functionality in a pay-as-you-go cloud model, CoolSearch offers a robust set of capabilities that can satisfy eDiscovery and regulatory compliance requirements.”


CoolSearch is now available for production workloads on a subscription basis with no upfront commitments or cancellation fees. Beyond the monthly minimum subscription price, pricing is based purely on consumption of cloud infrastructure. For inquiries, please contact HubStor at:


“We see plenty of need in the marketplace for low-cost storage and search capabilities, particularly as part of a migration to the cloud,” says Dale McVeen, CEO, Bishop Technologies, a cloud solution provider partner and user of HubStor. “Clients with large volumes of orphan user data should consider CoolSearch as an easy, discoverable place for managing this data in the cloud.”

CoolSearch is unique because it allows organizations to cost-efficiently store and index their data in a highly secure manner at very low cost compared to traditional search approaches,” says Geoff Bourgeois, CEO, HubStor. “In the enterprise archiving world, search has always been expensive and a real challenge to scale, but not anymore with CoolSearch.”


HubStor, developer of CoolSearch and the world’s first data-aware cloud archive solution, simplifies archiving and discovery of unstructured data workloads in the cloud with greater security, usability, and compliance. Founded in early 2015, HubStor is partnered with Microsoft, serving enterprise clients in North America, Europe, Australia, and South Africa from Azure datacenter regions located around the globe.



Elizabeth Lam, VP Marketing

HubStor Inc.

Source: HubStor Inc.

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