HubCiti® Launches the "RevUp™ Program" to Provide Digital Sales Support for Its Revenue Generating Platform

New Program helps newspapers to implement advanced digital services and generate new revenue quickly and easily

HubCiti, the easy to implement mobile revenue platform and app that brings together news, community, and commerce, today announced the launch of its RevUp Program for local newspapers and regional publishers. The RevUp program is designed to help publishers implement HubCiti’s app and digital platform quickly and easily and immediately begin generating new digital revenue.  Publishers can implement at a speed that is comfortable for them and their organization guided by HubCiti’s marketing and sales support all along the way. HubCiti’s platform and app quickly generates new revenue and RevUp’s sales and support program makes it a snap to implement.  

Providing advanced digital services for readers and local advertisers is no longer a tactic for only the largest newspapers, but a strategy that needs to be adopted by all publishers.  Unfortunately, most local newspapers cannot afford to invest millions to develop, design and implement a digital platform. Moreover, few newspapers have staffed properly trained in packaging, marketing and managing advanced digital services and even fewer have sales staff proficiently trained in Socratic sales strategies. Now with RevUp publishers can join the HubCiti program via a Starter, Professional or Premium package to get help in creating the right “packages” for the right business segments and the right user communities in their markets - that sell.  As well as new services for training their sales staff on the digital landscape including digital market training, buddy selling and sales process tactics that are powerful and effective. 

HubCiti gives publishers an opportunity to leverage viewer loyalty into increased mobile use and revenue, and a powerful way for them to build deeper relationships with their advertisers and consumers. HubCiti ultimately enables a local and regional publication to become the heart of the community once again and, more importantly, with RevUp services it’s now easier than ever before.

“Today nearly 80% of news is read digitally using a smartphone or mobile device,” stated Roy Truitt, CEO of HubCiti.  “In addition, news content is 50% more likely to be retweeted or shared in a social network when read from a mobile device. These compelling stats show the powerful revenue benefits of mobile to our partners. We have seen these programs take sales from underperforming to over performing in as little as three weeks.”

Services are offered as a packaged option or on a-la-carte basis.

Media organizations interested in the RevUp Digital Sales Support Program can learn more by calling our Austin office at 844-254-9663 X700.

About HubCiti

Austin-based HubCiti is the newest venture of serial entrepreneur Roy Truitt. HubCiti provides a comprehensive suite of mobile products, digital solutions and implementation services that help local media companies accelerate their digital transformation in a logical, profitable and productive way.  For more information, visit or call (844) 254–9663 X 700.

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