HTJLED Discusses the New Favorite of Outdoor Advertising - LED Large Screens


Advertising media is the means and tool for companies and businesses to advertise their products. Traditional advertising media includes newspapers, magazines, television, radio, neon lights, showcases, etc. With the development of information technology, LED large screens are becoming the new favorite of the outdoor advertising media industry. Consumers' attention has become scarcer, and the requirements for the carrier of information dissemination have become more demanding. Outdoor media carriers of one-way information transmission can no longer meet the needs of the market. At the same time, outdoor LED advertising screens are gradually rising, replacing the banner of outdoor advertising carriers. Shenzhen HTJLED Technology Co., Ltd. is an LED display screen manufacturer in China. It can produce various specifications and models of conventional and customized personalized LED displays according to customer needs. Next, HTJLED will introduce outdoor LED displays.

What are the advantages of outdoor LED advertising media compared to previous advertising media?

1. Realistic image

The LED display is made of a high-brightness patch. The light color is pure, soft, and there's no glare. It can be used for decoration and advertising purposes, as well as lighting purposes. The picture can also be very delicate and lifelike according to requirements.

2. High performance

Strong environmental adaptability. Each outdoor LED screen has been manufactured and tested by processes, such as waterproofing, high-temperature resistance, and low-temperature resistance, so it is suitable for various harsh outdoor environments.

3. Diversified forms of advertising

As a new generation of outdoor media, outdoor LED displays support diversified forms of advertising. As the large screen is high-definition and dynamic, it can create an "immersive" experience, which changes the traditional one-way and compulsive communication of information. It brings a shocking visual experience to the audience and improves the dissemination of advertisements.

4. Flexible operation

Outdoor LED screens don't need to be operated on-site and all display information can be controlled by remote network. You can replace screen information by just clicking a mouse, so as to realize the clustering of advertising display networks in cities and regions, which saves time and effort.

5. Easy to maintain

The outdoor LED large screens are made up of multiple cabinets through seamless splicing technology. This means if a certain part of the screen does not light up, it can be restored to normal use by directly changing a cabinet or changing a light-emitting diode inside the cabinet.

As the advertising carrier of outdoor media, LED outdoor large screens not only have the artistic quality of advertisement creation but also serve as an important portal for commerce and brand communication. This media form has great marketing value and quality.

It is foreseeable that under the wave of digitization and 5G commercialization, the industry market's understanding of networking and intelligence will continue to deepen and merge. The specific advantages of outdoor LED screens will be more prominent.

Source: Shenzhen HTJLED Technology Co., Ltd.


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