HT Floors and Remodel Offering Affordable Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling for Over Twenty Years

HT Floors and Remodel has been a flooring contractor in Lewisville, Texas for over 20 years. The company specializes in flooring, remodels, painting and now wood fencing.

For home owners remodel of the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the home is an expense that they would try and avoid for as long as possible. This is because home owners would like to avoid incurring additional expenses on home maintenance and remodeling can be an expensive affair if not well planned and budgeted for properly.

HT Floors and Remodel is a Lewisville, Texas based flooring and remodeling company that has been in business for over 20 years and during these 20 years the company has served hundreds of home owners providing affordable home remodeling solutions.

Speaking to the media, a company executive said, " We take the time to walk our clients through the entire remodeling and design process to ensure that we create a beautiful new space that we are both proud of. Kitchen and bathroom remodels is HT Floors and Remodel's specialty and are our favorite projects to work on since we can let our creative juices flow."

The company is a family owned and operated company that gives customers honest quote and that too after visit the site location and accessing what work and scale of remodeling needs to be carried out. Bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or shower remodel is also a necessity as it helps increase the value of the property especially if the home owner wants to sell off the property in the near term future.
HT Floors and Remodel excels at providing the best bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel as the company always sources material and bathroom/kitchen fittings and accessories for the most trusted suppliers in town. The company has all the tools and understand with regards to going about bathroom remodeling.

When a bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling job is carried out the experts take full care that no other part of the adjoining rooms is disturbed or no other part of the house is damaged because of the work carried out.

When contacted, Alex, a homeowner in Aubrey, TX said, "When I received a low quote for kitchen remodeling from HT Floors I was not sure whether or not to hire the company's services. However I can happily say that its turned out to be a great decision. My wife and me love the new kitchen, cooking is finally fun again!"

About HT Floors and Remodel

HT Floors and Remodel is a family owned and operated flooring installation and remodeling company in Lewisville, Texas. We do all types of flooring from hardwood floors, laminate and engineered wood. We also offer top to bottom kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. Our number one priority is the quality of our work.


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About HT Floors and Remodel

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HT Floors and Remodel is a family owned and operated flooring installation and remodeling company in Lewisville, Texas.

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