HR Leaders Can Avoid Burnout With New Bespoke Wellbeing Program

Yonatan Malka, CEO, Reaction

Corporate HR leaders can now look after their own wellness, as well as that of their teams, thanks to the launch of a new specialised wellbeing platform - #TakeSix by Reaction Wellness.

And to mark the launch of the #TakeSix program 15 lucky corporate wellbeing leaders will be able to access the course for free.

The 6-week fully personalised wellness program, launched by Reaction Wellness, is dedicated to helping HR leaders improve their own wellbeing and avoid burnout.

Yonatan Malka, CEO, Reaction Club, explained the thinking behind the new platform. He said: "With the transformation to hybrid working and the position of the HR role in supporting employees' needs, many HR leaders report that they forget about their own wellbeing needs and are left burnt out, stressed, and exhausted. 

"We have decided to launch #TakeSix to support our customers and their effort to support others. We will use our technology and resources to offer each HR leader who is selected a personalised program, built for their goals and needs, and supported by an expert in the field."

The #TakeSix program also grants the HR leaders access to daily group sessions led by known wellness experts such as Resilience lecture by Paralympic gold medallist, motivating rewards such as spa day to reduce stress, and access to a variety of perks along the journey.

The new launch builds on Reaction Clubs huge success of its app-based solution which provides employees with a tailor-made wellbeing program, guided by a real coach and supported by like-minded colleagues.

The fast-growing startup is already used by large employers such as Microsoft and Amdocs and smaller companies alike. 

The next intake for the #TakeSix program starts on February 24th and applications close on February 16th. To be in with a chance to get on the launch course go to:

The #TakeSix program will run twice a year and aims to build better habits and improve personal wellbeing. 

Yonatan added: "We often hear from our customers who spend a vast amount of time and energy creating wellness programs for others, that they forget about their own wellbeing needs. #TakeSix is the answer, and we look forward to welcoming our first group of leaders!"

Source: Reaction Wellness Ltd

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