HQTS Announces Launch of Baogong Inspection

HQTS is pleased to announce the launch of Baogong Inspection to deliver enhanced quality control services to the domestic market in China.

HQTS is pleased to announce the launch of Baogong Inspection, a new division focused on delivering enhanced product testing and quality control inspection services to China's domestic market.

Baogong’s mission is to combat corruption, provide fast and flexible service, and inspire local manufacturers to achieve higher levels of quality.

You and your staff are invited to the launch during the 126th China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou, China. All attendees will receive free gifts and the opportunity to take advantage of special offers.

About HQTS: One of the oldest and largest quality control providers in Asia, HQTS provides a broad range of quality control and assurance services throughout the APAC region.

Source: HQTS Group Ltd.

About HQTS Group Ltd.

HQTS is the Hong Kong based parent company of five international quality assurance companies providing inspections, consumer product testing, ISTA testing, factory audits, supply chain, and consulting services for our global clients.

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