HPC Announced 'HPC ROCKS COEUR D'ALENE' Event During 2023 MCRA Annual Conference

HPC recently hosted its annual 'HPC ROCKS COEUR D'ALENE' Event at the 2023 MCRA Annual Conference.


Health Payer Consortium (HPC), a frontrunner in healthcare claims cost reduction since 2014, hosted its "HPC ROCKS COEUR D'ALENE" event during the 2023 Managed Care Risk Association (MCRA) Annual Conference. The event took place on Tuesday, September 19, and featured an open bar and live music performed by the HPC crew.

The lineup for the evening included accomplished HPC musicians like Patrick Crites, Tori Murrell, Lindsay Evans, Michael Watson, and Steve Woolley.

Patrick Crites, President of Health Payer Consortium, commented, "The 'HPC ROCKS' event was our way of engaging with the healthcare community. While we prioritize professional insights, we also understand the importance of networking in a relaxed environment. We enjoyed welcoming MCRA attendees for a productive and enjoyable evening."

HPC has consistently set benchmarks for customer satisfaction and industry expertise in the healthcare cost management sector.

“We are very proud of our company culture, industry reputation, and our capacity to mix meaningful networking events with entertainment,” said Lindsay Evans, EVP of Account Management for HPC.


For more information about Health Payer Consortium, please visit their website at https://www.healthpayerconsortium.com/ 

To learn more about Patrick Crites, please visit his LinkedIn profile. 


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