How's My Case Launches, Offers Streamlined Case Assessment Process for Personal Injury Clients

New platform brings together technology, data, and legal experts to deliver unparalleled case assessment experience

 How’s My Case is excited to announce its official launch. They developed an easy, modern and technologically advanced way to determine whether a PERSONAL INJURY case is worth pursuing legally. This is the premiere source to ascertain the viability of your legal claim arising out of a personal injury, car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, dog bite or slip & fall.

Many times, you’ve heard friends and family casually recount the details of being hurt in a common rear-ender, or suffering a devastating slip & fall in a store. They’re never sure whether they should consider taking legal action, or simply “let it go” and be thankful that they’re alive. Simply “surviving” an accident should not be the reason you forego a potential legal claim against the culpable party!

How's My Case fuses technology, data, and the brightest minds in the personal injury legal niche to deliver the best results for personal injury victims.

Sharen Ghatan, Esq

If you are genuinely injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should and can pursue financial compensation for your loss.

"HowsMyCase.Com" presents you with a complimentary, confidential questionnaire, based on the details of your particular accident, which ultimately results in a clear analysis of your potential success in proceeding with your personal injury claim. This way, clients who receive an “excellent, good or fair” rating at the completion of the assessment, will immediately know that they need to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The site then guides you to the next step, contacting the attorney. Since all personal injury cases are taken on a “contingency only” basis, the attorney will only be willing to take on a case that he/she feels will be successful, in the long run. This streamlined evaluation will best serve both the client and the attorney, so they all know what they’re getting into and reasonable expectations are maintained. ​