How Trump Started a Mass Movement

Movement Expert Scott Goodson Shows How To Start a Movement in Ten Steps

​​​​​In the Harvard Business Review, movement expert Scott Goodson, Founder of StrawberryFrog, explains the basic steps to start a movement. In a recent video on YouTube, entitled “How to start a movement,"  Goodson takes us through ten steps that Trump used to start and build his movement.

How did we get here? Why did so many people rally behind Trump? What tools of movement marketing were used? 

"How can you start a movement like Donald Trump. Against hundreds of millions of dollars spent by traditional politicians, Trump has used provocation, his Twitter feed and a few other tricks to be wildly effective for over 18 months straight and moreover it's cost him significantly less money."

Nicola Conneally , Executive

A movement is a force. A most powerful force. Throughout history this force has been used for good and sometimes for evil. When you understand these steps you understand how virtually anyone can start a massive movement that in the case of Trump, has brought him to the edge of power. Whether he will win is unsure. But the one thing that is for sure, is marketing has changed forever.

“It’s mind blowing. I can’t help looking at the look at the election as a marketer, because I am one,” says Scott Goodson. “Against hundreds of millions of dollars spent by traditional politicians, Trump has used provocation, his Twitter feed to ignite millions of passions. And these and a select few other tricks have been incredibly effective the past 18 months and moreover it’s cost Trump significantly less money.”

In his best selling book “Uprising” Goodson explains how movements are a force for good and for evil. In the simple video – “How to Start a Movement” on YouTube, he explains step by step what you have to do to start and build a huge movement. 

“We’re living in a time of uprisings — you just have to pick up the newspaper to know that. For those of us in business, it may seem as if all of this is transpiring in a separate realm, well outside the corporate bubble. But the new social unrest is everybody’s business, including yours and mine,” says Goodson, who coined the idea Cultural Movement, and speaks about movements at the Harvard, Columbia and Cambridge business schools.

“Something significant has changed in our global culture over the past couple of years. Blame it on global economic pressures, general restlessness, or the new hyper-connectivity that enables people to instantly organize around causes and hot-topics. It’s probably some combination of all of these factors, but the net result is that we, as business leaders, are now dealing with a populace that is more socially engaged, more aware of what’s going on in the world, and hungrier to get involved and be heard on various issues.”

For more information about movements, and how they are changing the world, listen to Goodson's free iTunes podcast entitled Uprising or follow him on Twitter @scottfrog.

Source: StrawberryFrog


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