How to Make Perfect Crispy Calamari

In Joe Borio’s latest video release on his popular YouTube show, “Cooking Italian with Joe”, the doctor turned chef shares with you the secrets to making perfect calamari like an Italian master.

This delicious light and crispy recipe for fried calamari or fried squid is an easy to follow recipe that will serve you with crispy, crunchy, and light fried calamari, bringing you the flavor of old Italy.

“Having the knowledge and some simple cooking tips from the Italian masters I have studied with for years, allows you to bring the flavors, textures, smells, and tastes of Italy right in your own kitchen”,  says Joe Borio. “Taking a few more simple and easy steps in the preparation of the calamari and breading as well as the plating and dipping sauce, is the difference between having the experience of your next plate of squid in America, or feeling like you are sitting in Rome, or Florence along the river on a warm summer night.”  

In Joe Borio’s, Cooking Italian with Joe, cooking videos, you will learn what the masters in Italian cooking do, as well as benefit from a lifetime of experience to bring a generation of cooking tips to your family for years to come.

Joe Borio started Cooking Italian with Joe, a weekly YouTube show where he is in the kitchen cooking all of your favorite Italian dishes, while he shares stories, tips, as he offers you, easy and simple authentic Italian recipes.

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