How to Maintain Artificial Grass - Arizona Luxury Lawns Offers Some Useful Solutions

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The lawn care specialists at Arizona Luxury Lawns, a leading provider of artificial grass in Arizona, offer their expert guidance on how to efficiently conduct artificial grass maintenance. As a company that takes pride in providing quality work, they believe in educating its audiences on the best way to enhance the look and longevity of their artificial turf products as summer approaches.

Their qualified team of artificial turf installers agrees that even the best artificial lawns require regular maintenance. The accumulation of dust and debris can damage the look of the grass while also limiting the benefits the turf offers.

That’s why they recommend lightly brushing the lawn once a week, or once every other week in the opposite direction of the grass blades. This removes leaves, twigs, and debris, keeping the turf in top condition. For readers wondering how to clean artificial grass quickly, ALL’s team recommends using a leaf blower on the fake grass to blow away any debris or dust that may have accumulated there.

It is also advised to trim the twigs, leaves, and remove the yard waste regularly to prevent it from falling on the lawn and damaging it. Additionally, their team believes it’s good to invest in weed killers no more than twice a year and rake every few weeks to keep any weeds at bay.

An artificial turf spray should be used regularly to clean away the stench of potential pet waste, or an application of a DIY solution consisting of baking soda, water, and vinegar can also keep grass looking and feeling fresh year after year.

Arizona Luxury Lawns goes above and beyond installing artificial grass to ensure that their customers get the best possible services and products, with an emphasis on providing after-sales care. Interested readers wishing to learn more about their artificial turf maintenance services can get in touch with them for further information.

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