How to Find an Airbnb With Nancy Wallace-Laabs

Nancy Wallace-Laabs is bringing in a treat for investors and other parties involved in the real estate market at no cost. This month's webinar will be hosted by Nancy Wallace-Laabs. Nancy is passionate about real estate investing and knows that there is an exit strategy for every seller she talks to, from wholesaling, flips, and owner finance options. Nancy's focus is on the best outcome for both the seller and investor and in her almost 20 years of real estate investing, it is rare not to find a solution to a distressed seller's situation.

Nancy's latest acquisitions have been short-term rental properties. She also started converting her long-term rentals into short-term rentals and says that right now, this is her go-to investing model. She also believes her time as a property manager helps her to deliver outstanding customer service and provide a great experience for her guests.

As a best-selling author of "Winning Deals in Heels" and "Let Me Ask You This", Nancy continues to coach and mentor new investors, her goal: give them the knowledge, systems, and tools to minimize the financial risks that many new investors make.