How to Choose a Lawyer for Your Startup?

As a startup, among the first decisions that confront the founders, one s the choice of the right lawyer. The American legal system is terribly complex.

The society is increasingly litigious. Startups that do not want, even unwittingly, to find themselves mired in a complex case, need constant guidance and protection from law experts. It is a wise decision to hire a capable lawyer early on, to avoid legal troubles. A company can focus better on its work when it knows there is a person - or a team - to take care of the legal side of things.

Lawyers are important. It is as unquestionable as the rising of the sun. But how do companies go about hiring them? There are as many ways as there are companies. Some place ads, others look for lawyers among their acquaintances, and a third group turns to the internet for help. It does not really matter what means are being used. What matters more is that a startup goes about its search in the right order. Here is a rundown of the techniques companies can use to find the best lawyers for their purposes:

(a) Go local

It does not make much sense for a New York based company to hire a lawyer whose practice is in Los Angeles. They could as well hire a lawyer from India or the Philippines; they will save money, at least. It is safer and more effective to go for local lawyers. If a company is in New York, it is smart to hire a local corporate securities attorney. Hartley Bernstein is a highly respected lawyer among New York based companies. He has been hired by several out-of-city firms to successfully represent them.

(b) Education matters

The easy availability of free educational materials online have perpetuated the myth of autodidacticism. There are a few people benefiting from these courses enormously. At the same time, there are many others who think they are the right legal consuls because they have attended a couple of law lectures on YouTube. It is wiser to prefer lawyers who have a good traditional education. Turning to Hartley Bernstein again, the man is a graduate of Columbia University. He did his Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law in 1976. He has worked at Yale and the New York Law School.

(c ) Experience is paramount

It is wiser to trust someone who has experience in corporate representation. Such a person usually knows the law inside out. He or she is the right person to advise startups on what no-go and grays areas that should be avoided. Hartley Bernstein has experience of representing his corporate clients in more than 100 proceedings. His careers spans more than a healthy 40 years.

Education, location, and experience are three factors companies should consider before hiring a corporate lawyer. Companies in New York, and outside, prefer Hartley Bernstein because of his profound knowledge and extensive experience.