How Redbot Security is Preventing Burnout in an Overworked Industry

Cybersecurity Professionals are Feeling the Strain as the U.S. Continues to See an Increase in Cyber Threats

Industry Burnout

Redbot Security, a leading U.S.-based Ethical Hacking Company, focuses on employee health and well-being first, attempting to mitigate employee burnout. Data breaches have increased dramatically over the last three years, meanwhile, Senior-level talent in the cybersecurity world is becoming more stressed out and overworked. A recent FBI Report cites a 300% rise in cybercrime due to the Pandemic, and it is painfully obvious that the threat landscape is only getting worse. Cybersecurity professionals around the world are cumulatively burning out and cannot keep up with the onslaught of attacks. It's a war of attrition, and a recent survey done by 1password gravely warns that 84% of cybersecurity professionals are feeling the strain.

The industry as a whole continues to struggle, trying desperately to find and retain experienced cybersecurity talent. At the same time, bad actors are increasing in numbers and attacks are becoming much more sophisticated. Unfortunately, in most cases, it takes many years for new engineers to gain the proper experience needed to be proficient in offensive security, and the 5-plus year Seniors are becoming a coveted thing of rarity.

Redbot Security is a U.S.-based cybersecurity company that specializes in advanced penetration testing techniques that simulate the harm a sophisticated malicious actor can cause. In light of industry talent woes, the company has successfully managed planned growth while retaining top talent - in large part by creating an internal culture that prioritizes employee health and well-being first. Redbot Security is a bootstrapped company, built from the ground up on a set of internal principles that focus on community and attracting top people that are like-minded with a shared goal of protecting our Nation's critical data and systems. Redbot Security offers Senior-level engineers competitive pay, flexible PTO, full medical and auxiliary benefits on start date, dynamic work, and an opportunity to learn from the industry's top engineers. Considering a very crowded and demanding calendar, the company culture has been designed to mitigate burnout. If and when employees have a life event, family crisis, or health-related issue, the company allows for flexible schedules, enabling them to prioritize their personal lives while not fearing job loss or negative repercussions. 

"Our team is definitely feeling the stress of the increasing demand and we have given everyone two weeks off paid during the holiday season, which doesn't cut into their PTO. It's a bonus of gratitude - a way of thanking them for working tirelessly day and night, protecting our clients' critical data and systems," stated Brian Stearns, Founder, and CEO of Redbot Security.

The Redbot Security team consists of full-time, U.S.-based senior-level engineers. Due to the current threat landscape and heightened security concerns, the company does not subcontract or use independent contractors. Since its inception, Redbot Security has provided penetration testing services, red teaming, and onsite physical assessments for our nation's largest transportation systems, water & power, renewable energy, oil and gas, food chain manufacturers, well-known enterprise brands, and some of the top fortune 500 companies. The team identifies and reports security weaknesses in clients' networks and applications, and provides guidance and support for effective remediation -- sometimes working with clients for months beyond testing to deliver custom solutions to uncommon situations. Redbot Security's set of core values enables the company to service smaller clients as well, providing cost-effective solutions and custom scopes for a wide range of projects. And as a boutique penetration testing house, the company is able to focus on building client relationships and delivering a premier customer experience from continuously engaged senior-level engineers.

About Redbot Security

simulating real-world attacks before they become real

Redbot Security is a boutique penetration testing firm with a Sr. Level Team of industry experts. The company transitioned to a full-service penetration testing house in late 2018 and specializes in manual penetration testing. MCPT™ Redbot Security has been recognized in a multitude of market reports as a key player in the penetration testing industry.

Redbot Security's hybrid approach to penetration testing sources industry-leading frameworks and combines senior-level talent with over 20 years of experience to tailor all client engagements. 

Redbot Security - MCPT™ is a controlled assessment of Networks and applications - safely identifying and validating real-world vulnerabilities that are potentially exploitable. MCPT™ removes false positives - creating detailed remediation steps resolving network and application security issues quickly.

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